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 What could happen if you eat mold?
my lil bro pranked me and i ate 5 pieces of molded fruit... will i die??????.......!?!...

 What symptoms should i have if i'm allergic to cats??

 Can someone be allergic to coke zero? ie, diarrea, bloating ...?

 I have an allergy to vinegar. I am looking to make spiedies and need an alternative to vinegar.?
allergic to ALL vinegar containing products-mayo, must., ketchup, alcohol, hot sauce,etc....

 Is there anything I can do about allergies during pregnancy?
I'd prefer something natural, i.e. supplements, acupuncture, chiropractic care, etc...vs. medication. Does anyone know what I can do during pregnancy to give me some relief from these allergies?...

 Allergies and Dizziness?
I have allergies and when tested it showed i am extremely allergic to just about everything from mold to dander to grasses etc..the thing is lately i am always dizzy and sometimes nauseated. My ...

 Allergic to dogs?
I just bought a dog and my siblings seem to be allergic, they get itchy on their arms and legs and becomes red, they have to shower and soap it in order to stop. is their like any medicine that will ...

 Bread is making me nauseous.?
After i ate panera bread and butter yesterday i felt nauseous, but didnt throw up. Now everytime i look at bread i feel queasy. Everytime i eat panera basically whats going on? anyone else have ...

 Alergies? My skin gets so itchy after i scratch these bumps come up. ???
first it was on my legs, wouldnt stop itching, it was my neck that was like that yesterday, and now my face is itching like crazy and theres those lil bumps again after i scratch.
should i go to ...

 Swollen eye?
for the past two months my eye has been swollen. For the past three weeks i have been going to an ophthalmologists and he really hasn't pinpointed any diagnoses. i am starting to get feed up ...

 What do you do for allergies? Benadryl puts me to sleep, Dayquil keps me up, Sudafed makes me?
even drippier and runnier than before. Echinacea is good but takes a while to work- I need a QUICK fix....

 Is there such thing as an anti-mite blanket?
I have an allergy and have made my entire bed anti-mite, except my blanket. Also besides anti-istamine, what other oral medication can i take for eye allergy?...

 Any ways to get over post nasal drip?!?
I know it has to do with your sinus, and the one on the left side of my face is totally killing me!!! Im sitting here TOTALLY miserable. I took 2 pills for sinus infection [same medicine], that ...

 Anyone have any suggestions for dealing with an allergy to cats and dogs?
There is a guy at work that I have been flirting with for quite awhile. We have plans to see a concert next month and plan on getting together next week to go out. My problem is this- he is ...

 My gums are swollen and i have the most horrid tatse in my mouth could any1 tell me what they think this could
be, i have been to the doctors who said it dosnt look like a infection.. i cant find a dentist anywhere ...

 How do I know non acidic food or fruits to eat?
Can anyone help me with a list of non acidic food, fruit, diet?...

 Hay Fever Itchy Eyes?

There are several questions asking for ides on how to stop itchy eyes due to hay fever. I was just wondering if anyone has had any genuine success in dealing with this problem AS ITS...

 Do i have asthma?
I know this may be a stupid question but when i run and push myself really hard i cant breath, and i think thats what asthma is. Can you tell me how to make sure and tell if i have asthma or not?? ...

 Am I alergic to orange juice?
I just noticed that I get a headache from drinking orange juice. My cousin is alergic to citrus things so she swells up and could die if she eats citrus stuff. I was wondering if I could possibly be ...

 Dose any one have a good remedy for sinus problem?

Have you ever eaten grapes and got a sore throat from it?
Every time I eat grapes I get a dry sore throat, I cough and have to drink lots of water after. I would like to know if anyone else has this problem? If you do, does it mean that I may have a grape allergy?

no, i dont have problems eating grapes, ask a doctor..

Yes, what you are probably experiencing is an allergic reaction to the sulphur that gets sprayed on to the grapes before they are picked for the markets. I get the same problem. I have to becareful with what washing powders are being used as they contain sulphites too. Get an allergy test, might help you out.

I tend to get migraine like headaches from grapes

sara m
i have a serious grape allergy and i know that i am suffering an allergic attack when i start to get quite bad pain in my throat/nasal cavity. this is usually accompanied by itching/burning in my eyes and severe swelling. you may be allergic to grapes if you experience pain in your throat after eating them and should probably get tested.

You don't get a sore throat from the grapes. But sometimes the citric acid in the grapes may cause a minor irritation. Gargling with warm salty water or Mouthwash can reduce the pain and inconvenience. You can find some good home remedies at http://ailments.in/sorethroat.html

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