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 Something is wrong with my eye lid?
Hey guys since last night till now my eye lid keeps on switching.. It feels like the viens are switching .. It's switching for like 5 seconds then stops and sometimes comes back.. Im worried .. ...

 Whats the best way to "un-stuff" ur nose when u cant breathe out of both sides?
i have had a stuff nose for the past 6 hrs no matter what i take or how much i blow my nose i till cant breathe out of both sides of my nose. i have even tried a hot shower hot tea and nothign is ...

 Lactose intolerance? i think i just recently ive become allergic to dairy. can it be permanent?
recently after eating cheese or ice cream. and drinking milk. i've feel super sick, like i was going to vomit. and after eating mac and cheese i vomited. is it possible im allergic? and if i am ...

 Hi friends!!!!?
i have a bad cough it has been there for 4-5 days ..i have had cough syrup but no use i have gargled with salt water that has also not helped so pls suggest some home remedies fast as i can sleep at ...

 My allergies are killing me...What is the best way to get rid of them?
My symptoms are: really itchy and red eyes, stuffy nose, sneezing, and an itchy throat....

 Is it possible to get rid of allergies??
I have had alergies since i was little! I am alergic to smoke, grass, pollen, dogs, cats, and dust! It annoys me and it seems like im sick all the time!...

 Hayfever please help, cant breath, nose wont stop running, eyes streaming, sneezing. Never been as bad before.

 How do i stop insect bites from itching?

 Do you have a furry tongue in the mornings?
I hear it can mean a sluggish system....

 I ate something i'm allergic to?
and my allergic reaction is my lip swollen and pimples all over my mouth the sad thing is i have a Interview tomorrow :( Any ideas on how to get rid of it or to hide it?I really need this interview ...

 Bogie in your nose?

 My eyes are burning and they water all the time, what is wrong and how can I make it stop?

 How do you get rid of herpes on your lips caused by citric allergy?
Please tell a good and fast method!
Additional Details
It´s for my ex-girlfriend. She has this very bad. She can also only take vitamin c from some foods except citric stuff like lemons....

 How to cure a really bad sore throat?
Hey everyone, I was wondering how to cure a really bad sore throat because i have one and its driving me crazy. It hurts to swallow. I also have been getting a little bit of snot/phlem (eww i know) B...

 Does anyone know of a hayfever medicine that actually works,?
also why are the ones available so expensive eg benadryl and ...

 What over the counter medicines could I take as an anti-inflammatory?
My face is swollen, and I have know idea why....

 Can anyone help me figure out my medical problem?
I've been sick for almost two weeks now. At first all I did was sneez alot and I had a minor sore throat. It was almost like allergies so I thought nothing of it.

Okay so like a day ...

 Sickness Help, Please Answer ASAP!?
Well, It's Sunday the 10th today,
and My friends and I are going to a dance on Friday the 15th
and my throat is itchy/dry and when I cough it's dry, I think i'm getting sick.....

 My mucus colors?
I just blew my nose into my bare hand and am looking at it, the colors are greenish-yellow.. what does this mean?...

 Why do people say they are allergic to things just because they don't like it?
Or because they are on some fancy diet?...

Generally, how long does spring season allergy last?

The pollen season can last from January through October. Generally, the further north you live, the later in the spring it starts. In southern states, the pollen season can begin as early as January.

This should give you an idea of when your allergies will kick in.

until it gets hot enough to kill stuff

depends on the severity and type of allergy -no one is allergic to "spring". see your doctor for treatment.

Terry Slesser
My allergies go away after 3-5 weeks

mine ussually last about a week and then come back irregularly. i think it also depends on where you are. when im downtown, its nothing, but at home its horrible. i think it has something to do with our bushes. check around your house and see what could provoke them

J frum NH
six weeks

No more than three weeks.

Johnny U

Jobes J
It lasts as long as the Spring Flings the allergies at you. Sometime between 1967 and 1996, then it's over.

♪♫Lexie♫♪ The Duchess
Until the summer season starts.

Bobby P
Spring allergies are often called Rose Fever and is usually caused by pollen from trees, especially fruit trees. Fall allergies are called Hay Fever and is caused mostly by ragweed. As soon as the pollen goes away, so does the allergic symptoms. Different people have different sensitivities, so the allergy season varies for different people. Generally the Rose and Hay Fever lasts about four weeks.

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