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 Can you get hives by being allergic to cat hair?
i just noticed bumps on my calves and my cat has been shedding a lot lately and idk if its from her or if i am just getting a ...

 I just moved into an old house and allergies are killing me?
i just moved in to an old house and i have really bad allergies, aslo i have asthma. when my allergies get bad, then my asthma bothers me. what can i do, i put an air purifier in my room, but not a ...

 What is the difference between a cold and allergies?
I need lot's of answers please include symptoms of a cold and allergies. PLEASE!
Additional Details
im talking about seasonal allergies....

 Where can I get impervious covers for my bedding? For ashtma & allergies?
Hi, I have asthma and allergies and my mom told me she recalled hearing about some kind of impervious covers to protect your mattress and pillows from getting dust, dust mites, allergens, and even ...

 I went to T.G.I. Fridays the other day and.........................
well i woke up the next morning with and irritation on my the cheeks of my face and a slight irritation on my thighs...the reason why i think it was something i ate there is because i had never eaten ...

 11 mo old with Failure to Thrive-has Milk Protein Allergy, what can he drink to gain weight?
My son has been breastfed for 11 months and is only 16 lbs. He has been diagnosed with Failure To Thrive since the age of 6 mo. but he hates formula and refuses to drink it unless it is mixed with 75...

 I recently developed an allergy to shrimp apparently. What else should I watch out for, if anything?

 How come the day after you drink u have hard boogers in ur nose?at least i do everytime!!....?

 Can chocolate make you nervous?
about 20 minutes- 1 hour after i eat chocolate chips, i start shaking(slightly) feeling kinda light headed and nervous...can this really be from the chocolate?...

 Bloody nose....?
what causes a bloody nose??...

 Peanuts (Nut Allergy Q.)?
Ok I got tested for allergies when I was 14 now 17. They said I was very allergic to peanuts. MY QUSTION IS WHAT IS IN A NUT MIX? ALSO CAN I HAVE PINE NUT? It was one of those like 15 diff types of ...

 Does anyone suffer from seasonal allergies???
I know for a fact that I have seasonal allergies, the symptoms have just started about 3 weeks ago.
My symptoms are runny nose, itchy eyes, throat problems and now congestion in my ears.
I ...

 Is there alcohol allergy?
Every time I drink, I have diahrrea.
I barely drink, and i drink no more than one or two servings.
I don't know if it is the food or the alcohol.
The next day after drinking I ...

 I accidentally put my elbow on a slug ! Have been left with inflamed & blistered elbow! is this an allergy.?
I put my elbow on a slug, accidentally, the slug wasnt harmed - but there was a large wet patch where it had been. It was attached to my elbow area. I knocked it off & saw the critter slide off. S...

 What specifically causes people to be allergic to cats and dogs?

 Can you get a bloody nose from blowing your nose too hard? lol.?
my sis does it all the time :) ...

 Why don't you breathe when swallowing?

 HELP PLZ PLZ PLZ. My mother has a very very bad cough with spit (sputom) white in color and she cant stop!!:(?
What can I do :( I have tried somany things..She has an allergic attack and uses allergic medicine and she just got over it in the past few weeks but now for 4 days she has it again :(( PLZ PLZ PLZ HE...

 Can anyone help I seem to have developed an allergy to something just recently?
People have suggested it could be hayfever which I did get when I was young but grew out of. Last time I had skin tests I didn't react to any of the grasses or pollens they tried. This allergy ...

 How fast does your breath come out when you sneeze?

nectarine head
Every morning I wake up with new itchy bites, but NO sign of fleas, bedbugs, spiders?
I have vacuumed the whole bedroom, vacuumed the mattress, put it out in the sun, hung the duvet in the sun, washed all the linen. Not once have I seen a sign of any kind of bug, and I've looked carefully, yet every morning I wake up with a few more itchy bites. It's driving me crazy, been going on for a few weeks. Is it possible that you can have a skin disorder or allergy where you self-generate "bites"? Or what?! Any suggestions?

Mick M
GROSS! You need more Jell-O in your diet

bugs are everywhere
they flyyyy

The same thing was happening to my daughter. She used to sleep with us and they were only biting her. My husbands friend does pest control and said to look for very tiny spiders. We had a recessed light on the ceiling above the bed, and sure enough one night we say a tiny spider hanging from there. Then we saw some on the bed. They are barely visible and white.

The Wail of a Banshee
It could be gnats or mosquitoes it doesn't have to be hot for them to be about .If you live near a lake or pond you are more likely to get them

happy mama
have you been to the beach or lake cause it could be lice bites....they get under the skin and cause the same reaction

patricia s
I don't know if you have resolved your problem of itchy bites....but it could be SCABIES. Suggest you see dermatologist.

Did you switch soaps or started using any new products?

Dude!! I have no idea what it is but the same thing happened to me and my boyfriend when we first moved into our house! We bleached EVERYTHING that touches us when we sleep and it stopped. Keep in mind that you could be allergic to your detergent so try switching just to be sure. Even if you've been using that detergent for awhile you can develop an allergy over time so it's worth a try if the bleach doesn't work.

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