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 Is there anything to help severe allergic reaction to hair removal cream?
I have really sensitive skin and for some reason stupidly used Sally Hansen's Hair Removal cream. I'm having a severe allergic reaction, it itches and hurts and my (white) skin is now ...

 Allergies At This Time of Year?
I can't tell if i have a cold or allergies right now. I do have spring time allergies but it usually doesn't start until later than this. Is it possible that they are kicking in early this ...

 Did you know that most blacks, latinos and almost half of all whites are lactose intolerant?
...check it out ..It has to do with blood type......

 What could be wrong with my 14 month old daughters eye?
it started thursday with just watering and being little puffy with a runny nose by friday it got worse. It was really red swollen and very little green discharge, it is watering alot it looks like ...

 Swollen chest?

 House guest allergic to my cat I have vacuumed over and over doesnt seem to help,What else can I do?

 How bad is my baby's peanut allergy?
My baby has a peanut allergy blood test # of 3.9. I know she's allergic (you're allergic if your number is over .35) , but how severe is 3.9? The doctor said "very significant" ...

 Cat allergies?
i have cat allergies and i was wondering if there is any sort of medication i can get for them :]
Additional Details
this is only going to be for a couple weeks while im at my boyfriends ...

 Allergies???!! help pleaaase?
I just started to get allergies this year and ive been sneezing, had watery eyes, runny/stuffed nose and itchy throat.. so ive been taking claritin and it helped .. but anyways to get to the point .....

 What cause finger, lips and tongue swelling?
I'm really confused about what's the cause of these swelling?? All i know is that it could be an allergic reaction.. but i don't know to what. if some one help me to find the answer i&#...

 Time frame for an allergic reaction to a bee sting?
How long would it take for the symptoms of an allergic reaction to appear after the initial sting?...

 Does anyone else feel drowsy even when they take hayfever tablets that are non-drowsy?
It takes me right to the end of the next day until I feel less tired....

 My boyfriend wont let me get a dog because he is allergic.?
I know there are shots he can get. Anyone know how much they are or how well they work?...

 Is chocolate constipating?
I never have problems going, but the last week I've been sneaking alot of chocolate from my kids Halloween stash, and I've been seriously bloated and go up to two days without going. I ...

 YIKES! Is it true my mattress will double in weight after ten years because of DUST MITES?
Theres an infomercial on TV touting the Space Age Foam Bed that makes the above claim regarding standard innerspring mattresses. The claim seems impactful, but is there any truth in it?
I know ...

 Spring Allergies...help!?
I hove horrible spring allergies. Really runny nose, Red Itchy Eyes. I take claritin since my insurance won't cover anything else and Nasonex. Don't seem to help. I heard theres a natural ...

 How do ya stop a nose bleed?

 Benadryl Allergy Relief One A Day does it work what if i took 2?
i have itchy eyes and runnny ...

 What is the strongest allergy medicine?
Which pill is the best?
Additional Details
For seasonal allergies. Like pollen
i have a really bad stuffed nose, coughing alot and sinuses ...

 Best allergy medicine.?
What would you suggest is the best allergy medicine? I wake up and sneeze and have a runny nose. I thought maybe it was my vents and ceiling fan so I've recently dusted them on a regular basis. I...

Every morning I wake up and start sneezing?
and I sneeze at least 10 times sometimes more, before I stop. Could I be allergic to something in my room, my pillow maybe?

Sounds like you are pregnant.

some people get allergic to early morning cold air , coz' it would be more Humid to trigger sneezing , so better close air vents that could let morning cold air ,

or it could be pillow or bed that may contain dust mites , be sure to clean and keep it dry often .

MC United
dust mites

Sounds like hayfever or dustmites.

It is possible you are allergic to the dust mites in you pillow or you may be photosensitive first thing in the morning. Both my daughter and her father sneeze like this first thing.

Queen of the Dust Mites
I doubt you are allergic to your actual pillow. More likely you are allergic to the dust mites that live and breed in your pillow, mattress, boxspring, blanket, and sheets. The highest concentration of these creatures is found in the bedroom, and if you sleep 6 to 8 hours a night....you are sleeping with them! They are microscopic creatures, closely related to spiders. They live off of shed human skin. They do not bite you. They have a protein in their feces and hard body shell (carapace) that many people's immune system misidentifies as something else (like a bacteria or virus). As you move about on the bed, a cloud of these microscopic bits goes up in the air and you inhale them. The body misidentifies them and starts a chain reaction that we call an allergic reaction and you call a pain in the butt because you sneeze and sneeze and sneeze. Gross right? But there is help. You get these special allergy bedding covers for your mattress and pillow and you wash your sheets every 7 days in the de-mite stuff.
I have terrible dust mite allergy, but when I do these things my allergies are completely under control. I will include a link for how to create a dust free room and a link for the de-mite stuff. So taking just a few steps can stop an awful lot of sneezing. Good Luck!

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