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Whats the best non prescription treatment for allergies....

 How to get rid of a cough??? What are the best expectorant medicines???

 Vomiting query?
I don't mean every night just every so often, for the next bit.
My 8 year old daughter has been throwing up in the evenings, night and occasionally mornings for approximately the last two ...

 I get a major headache from Beer. Even from just one.?
Dark beer is worse. Just one the night before makes me sick the next AM. What could it be ? Rum or Tequila are fine, wine does the same thing....

 Why does having the flu make one act as if stoned?
notice i said ACT as if stoned, cuz the feeling is way different, it's like the opposite
Additional Details
oh yeah, i havent taken any medicine ...

 Herb medicine?
Can I believe herb medicine of Chiness?...

 Has anyone experienced an allergic or allergic-like reaction from spicy indian food?
eg. rash, burning, flushing, abdominal bloating, extreme hot feeling in ...

 Lactose intolerant...?
Is it possible to become lactose intolerant at age 13? Im 13 years old and for a while my stomach hasn't been feeling right and my friend brought up that I might be lactose intolerant like her. I...

 Can allergies cause lymph node in the back of the neck to swell?
can allergies cause lymph node in the back of the neck to swell?...

 Dry throat?
Whenever I wake up, my throat gets really dry, the only way is to drink water...but is there any other way to keep it "moist"?...

 I always get really bad allergies in the winter is there some sort of surgery i can get?
medicine doesnt work for me and i already have my adnoids removed....

 Caffine Poisioning?
I have been searching everywhere on the web trying to find
someone familiar with caffine poisining or allergic reactions.
Recently I have been really drinking the cokes . For a long

 Have you ever eaten grapes and got a sore throat from it?
Every time I eat grapes I get a dry sore throat, I cough and have to drink lots of water after. I would like to know if anyone else has this problem? If you do, does it mean that I may have a grape ...

 I'm allergic to pollen and i'm having a horrible day what works best for this?

 Sinus built-up question?
why do i have to keep constantly hocking up mucust... like almost every hour.... and when i goto bed.. i have to get up like 2-3 times just to hock it up and spit it...and i can't ever hock it ...

 What medication is prescribed for people who are allergic to Bactrim (Sulfa-drug)?

Additional Details
Come on somebody's got to know this, any pharmacists in the house???...

 Looking for an air purifier?
I work on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Our quarters cramp with four to six personell. Mold and mildew bad and everyone suffers from allergies and when weather changes they are sick with ...

 My eyes are itchy, I think I have allergies. What over the counter allergy med. do you use?

 Is it normal to have to blow your nose EVERY day?
I feel like I'm the only one who experiences this daily. Does anyone else have to blow their noses daily or if not, how often? & I even have to blow my nose every day when I'm NOT sick ...

 Experienced with Nasonex?
My doc perscibed nasonex for my allergies. i often get headaches, and seem to have constant sinus pressure, however it used to be much worse, i would call it easily bareable now. I'm really ...

Dwayne C
Does benadryl have withdrawal symptoms?
I been taking benedryl 25mg 8 times a day which is the maximum dose, i took them for about 3 weeks to a month and im not feeling the same, feeling like my blood is not moving properly, like its thick or something...any help with this?

☆ milkchan ☆
Yes, the ingredient in Benadryl IS addictive.

Diphenhydramine is used both clinically and recreationally as a potentiator of opioids and recreationally as a deliriant, depressant, or booster for alcohol. Mixing medications with sedating antihistamines other than under medical supervision can be quite dangerous.

Zoe M
I used to take about that amount of benedryl and it messed up with my daily "rhythm" I guess. I just had to stop cold turkey to get back to normal, and that took about 2 or 3 weels for me.

asprin is a very good blood thinner, maybe thats all you need.

Yes, it does. Three weeks is a very long time to take the maximum dose of any over-the-counter medication for, you should try to avoid doing this in future. There's nothing you can do now but wait. You'll feel better given time.

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