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 4.)How could you communicate, over the telephone, to someone they may be allergic to a food color dye?

 Sensitivity to caffeine or aspartame?
I had not had caffeine in several years, but recently I had two cups, one with two packets of real sugar, and the other with two packets of equal. Several minutes later my heart started to palpitate ...

 What must i do if every months when perriod time, allergy come aut to my face?

 My doctor perscribed me pills?
i take them but they make it hard to breath and i already have asthma, i cant get a hold of my doctor, should i stop taking them? and if i have a bad reaction to these then whats gonna get rid of my ...

 OMG, What's happening to me!?!? (RASH)?
I've noticed a rash on me monday night, and it got worse.

It's disgusting! It's on my stomach, panty line, and in the center of where my panties go... i have pimples. I'...

 Chest diseases and its associated allergies - causes, symptoms and treatment?
I get caugh frequently, sometimes with flem. No trouble in breathing. While speaking, I get one or two strokes of cough intermittently. Please suggest ...

 What to do when my child has pink swollen cheeks?

 I think i got allergic, Please help!!!?
I went to Cancun for spring break, and when i came back i was getting sick everytime i ate eggs or avecodos. I mean really sick, is this common i have not had either of the two for over a year. Do ...

 It's normal that your nose bleed in the morning because of the cold weather?
I have a friend that have allergies all the time, but now with the cold weather his nose started to bleed in the morning too. Any idea why this is happening?
Additional Details
I have a ...

 Carrots and soy milk each upset my stomach, why?
Carrots and soy milk did not give me any trouble when I was younger, but around the age of 20 I noticed a bad reaction to them--the same symptoms for both. A small amount gives me heartburn, perhaps ...

 Can U get an allergic reactoin to the chicken pox shot?
Because I got the shot and i have a lump about 5 inches long spread along my arm where i got the shot. Is this caused by the shot or something ...

 How can my friend be more comfortable around cats if he is allergic to them? He is trying to adapt.?
No shock just sneezing attacks and a cough later. Occasionally itchy skin.
Additional Details
All ready takes Benadryl seasonally. He seems to have an innate fear of cats beause he has ...

 Cant breathe right through nostril?
I can NEVER breathe through both at the same time. Its always the right working or the left... i dont know why. when i go to the doctors they say its alllergies. but its been like this ...

 Cat Allegy Drug Relief? bad wheezy chest?
I am staying with family in foreign coultry for two months. i am sharing the house with two cats, which is giving me the worst allergic reaction to cats i have had yet. I am sneezing 30 times at a ...

 Cold, allergies, or sinus?
For two and a half years I've always been congested. I could never breathe through out 2 of my nostrils, its either 1 of them or none at all.

I've been to the doctor and none of ...

 Am i allergic to codeine?
over the last few days ive been taking codeine and then switched to paramol (contains codeine) and ive been feeling really sick, light headed, getting headaches and not eating. ive stopped taking it ...

 Daughter got severe hives last night, had been complaining of being itchy for days.?
My 4 yo daughter had been telling me for 2 or 3 days, usually in the morning that she was "ohhhh soooo itchy" but I looked and didn't see anything. Then last night, I promised her a ...

 Runny Nose.?
I Have a VERY VERY Runny Nose bascially i have a cold. But the main problem is this horrible runny nose how do i stop this horrible thing its hurting my nose each time i blow hard to stop it. get all ...

 Why are allergies worse after a move?
Hi. I've just moved from Utah to Virginia, and since it is now spring, I've been getting my "spring fever" allergies. However, this year they are a whole lot worse. Why is it that ...

 How can people be allergic to dust?
it seems like a real natural substance so how can people be ...

Jesus is Awesome!
Could anyone tell me why the water in my humidifier would turn black? I tried to search online but can't find

you may have a charcoal filter in the humidifier.

Star M
Yes, the likely culprit is mold. Especially if your water is from a well.
Well water is not treated with things like city water is (chlorine, flouride) and while it overall is usually healthier for you, there are bacteria found in that water among other things.
The mold can especially be caused from water sitting stagnant.
Empty the water, wash and rinse the filter thoroughly.

It may be the carbon filter is leaking carbon into the water.

Is this water, black only on top like a film or is it really dirty and you cant see through it black water?

One word: MOLD. You have moldy water, and you need to clean out and sterilize your humidifier. Any moist area can grow mold, so when not using your humidifier, empty it out.

Pedro S
we use stuff called Humidifier bacteriostatic treatment...made by KAZ,,,it stops the mold.

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