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 Is there any thing else I can take to relieve this sinusitus ? (besised the meds this is terrible????

 Benedryl allergy pills?
can you take 3 without getting sick or an overdose,, cuz i have a really bad allergy and i was wondering if it was ok....

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 Is there a way to eat Shellfish even though I am allergic?
ok. When i was younger i was able to eat shellfish of any kind. When I turned 15 I developed a mild allergic reaction to shrimp. Then I forgot about it and had more shrimp sometime later and the ...

 What do i have to eat if i keep having a running stomach?
i have a very sensitive stomach,i dont really know whats the best diet for me cos anything can just blow me in to a problem with the stomach.can you please tell me what you think is the best diet for ...

 Why are my allergies worse at night?

 Is it possible to be allergic to water?

 Anyone knows what the medicine for pink eye.?

 What does calamine lotion do?

 What happens if you swallow a little bit of dishwashing detergent?

 Every morning I wake up and start sneezing?
and I sneeze at least 10 times sometimes more, before I stop. Could I be allergic to something in my room, my pillow maybe?...

 I picked up a puppy at the flea market.It has dry skin and has begun to loose fur.Anyone know whats wrong?
It was 4 weeks old when it was given away,scratches constantly,and has caused my husband and myself to itch excessively....

 Can allergies cause fevers?
im missing school tomorow because i have HORRIBLE headaches...sore throat...i wont stop sneezing/coughing & i feel kinda warm...can allergies cause fevers? or am i suffering from a cold?

 Which one itches, Lice or Dandriff?
my friend had lice 5 times! and i am pretty scared 4 her. can u answer my question so i can warn her if she has it :) ...

 I have hives, and it's my first time getting this, I'm kinda freaking out here lol, when does this go away?

 Allergic to ice cream?
I get a pain in my side and an uneasy feeling off certain brands of ice cream. It must be the cream....

 Whats the best product available in the shops to ease a blocked nose?

 What are the best eye drops to use for itchy eyes caused by allergies?
Sometimes I only have itchy eyes, but sometimes I have itchy eyes and nasal problems. I use Clarinex and Nasonex on a daily basis, but I'd like supplementary eye drops to use to avoid using B...

 Can allergies to pollen make you feel drowsy and lethargic ?
iv'e been coughing and sneezing,had a runny nose,my eyes feel watery and heavy and i've have had a headache for about a week now,
i think this may be hayfever,does this also make you ...

 Ear congestion from sinus infection?
I've had a sinus infection and been on Allegra-D and an antibiotic.

My sinuses have calmed down and I am starting to feel a little better.

However my ears are still very ...

Could I be allergic to tampons? What caused this allergic reaction?
This morning when I woke up I went to go take a shower cause i do everyday when im on my period. And when I went into the shower (not trying to gross anyone out, sorry if i do) but a lot of blood started dripping down my leg. And i rinsed it off and then afterwards i started itching and i got a bunch of dark red dots in that one spot. But its not itchy anymore..i sprayed it with Benadryl. And i know this is an allergic reaction to something because when i used this body wash last time the dots appeared. And NO I did not use any body wash when i started itching this time, i didnt even take the shower yet.
What could of went wrong? I really dont wanna stop wearing tampons cause i just started using them and i'll be pretty upset if i can't wear them anymore.
Additional Details
Mine are unscented
Could it be TSS? =/
I change my tampon every 3-4 hours
Do you only get TSS if you leave it in to long?

Please go off tampons and see a doctor. Do not take this lightly but seek professional advice. I also suggest that you do not self medicate until you know what is wrong.

♥♥♥Jesus loves me♥♥♥♥
Please go to the doctor..
Do you want to put your life in the hands of strangers on Yahoo! if it is a sign of an allergic reaction???? Reactions can come in may different signs and bleeding in one area is not normal. It could be a sign of something else entirely different, but only a MD would know.

Some tampons are scented/deodorized. You may be allergic to the perfume.

You may need to switch back and forth between tampons and napkins until your body adjusts. Stay away from deodorant tampons, no one knows the difference but you. Keep yourself clean and change frequently. I don't know what else more to tell you.

Try a different company of tampon. Some companies use cheap materials that may be irritating your skin. I don't think it's possible for you to be allergic to tampons in general. It may have just been a rash caused by stress or heat or something else you brushed up against but didn't know it.

Try changing brands. You may be sensitive to the plastic in the tube. The red dots you describe MIGHT be a reaction to your scratching, too.

TSS would show up as a very high fever, not a rash.

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