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 Have you ever sneezed in your sleep?

 What is the most effective way to get rid of poison ivy?

 Cat allergies i am allergic to cats and am going to stay in a house with cats what can i take to help me ?
i am going to stay in a house with cats is there anything i can do or take to help?...

 Allergic Reaction- Anaphylaxis?
Over the course of the last 3 months I have had 3 moderate-severe allergic reactions to drugs that are unrelated. The first was with Bactrim (antibiotic), the second was with Tramadol (opioid) and ...

 Can allergies cause a sore throat and coughing?

 What are you allergic to? What happens to you personally?
I am trying to figure out my source of hives and maybe you can help me narrow it down....

 Please help! I cant stop coughing!?
Ok well i feel fine and then sometimes in one of my classes at school i just cant stop my coughing!! I trying to hold my throat and it doesnt work... i try to hold it back...it doesnt work either!! I...

 Is it possible to become allergic to something?
as in, after you're born? I found out i'm allergic to penicillin and i'm so sure i've had penicillin before in my life....

 What do you like better Claritin or Zyrtec?
I'm taking Zyrtec for allergies right now but I think it's making me too tired so I'm thinking of switching to Claritin. Have you tried either or both medications? Which do you think ...

 Is it an allergic reaction?
i was wondering if you could help me out...
im a 15 year old female who doesnt tend to get acne
and if i do, it's only one pimple at a time right by my jawline and it is very small

 Swollen Eyelid?
I was having really bad allergies starting 9 days ago. To the point where I rubbed and scratched my eye until it hurt. The itchiness got better after a couple days, but it was still there, and I ...

 How can I get phlegm out of my throat?
Ever since I got back from vacation, I have had so much phlegm in my throat. It's especially hard at night because you're lying down and you keep on swallowing it. Even if the day it feels ...

 I've never had a blood nose in my life.. is that normal?

my nose has been running for the whole day and wont stop. it looks like water comming out of my nose. what can i do to stop it? and what kind of allergy is it?
Additional Details
i live ...

 I like to rub jelly on my body, is this wierd?

 Does Otalaryngology (ENT) doctors deal with eyes also?
I know ent stands for ear, nose and throat, but i also have heard it means eyes also. eyes, ear nose and throat is this true?...

 My cats sneezing?
my cat is about 2 and she is inside and outside just noticed that she is constantly sneezing and she looks like its not pleseant. what is wrong with her becuase its happening every couple minutes. ...

 Where can I order Advair inhalers? Its costing me over $340 a month for 2 of them at Rite Aide...?

 Would an allergy to grass cause a rash?
My 14 month old started getting a rash about a week ago. I took him to the doctor, she said it was contact dermatitis, maybe poison ivy. She gave him a course of steroids and told me if it wasn'...

 Does Sudafed make anyone else's heart race?
After taking Sudafed the other night my heart was racing so fast I almost went to the hospital. Needless to say I was up all night and this continued into the moring. Am I allergic or is this ...

Could I be allergic to alcohol, especially vodka?
One night I went to a club and drank a glass of vodka (mixed with soft drink), the next morning I woke up and there were these red spots on my thighs and on my hands. It's so damn itchy. The itchiness only lasts for 2 to 3 days but it tortures me! I wonder if I am allergic to vodka??? Or it might be something else like the smoke from cigarrettes (smoke is everywhere when you're in the club)? All I know is, everytime I hang out at the club and drink mixed vodka, the next morning my thighs and hands would be so itchy and RED!

I have 2 friends that are allergic to vodka. So it is very possible that you could be...

Holly C
It's more likely to be the soft drink mixer, as these all contain artificial colourings, sweetners etc and so many people are allergic to these. I have the exact same symptoms if I were to drink soft drinks- hence why I never do! Though a lot of people are allergic to the sulphites in alcoholic drinks, something else I'm allergic to too! Cigarettes contain many chemicals, so it could be that. Yep, I'm allergic to that too! You could try drinking vodka mixed with tonic water instead and see if you still have the rash. It could be lots of things though, so it's worth getting your doctor to run some tests. I have lots of allergies (as you've probably guessed by now!) and there are lots of products you can use to reduce allergies- I always use natural ones myself- homeopathy etc. Good luck wuth it! Holly xxx

James M
You could be allergic to one of a hundered things that you came into contact with that night. Go and see the doctor, who can run some tolerance tests.

Mrs G
Yes - I am allergic to Vodka - thats mainly because I drank too much of the stuff when I was younger... it gives me a pounding headace .. try drinking Baileys - its more sweeter with the same kick.

I would be more inclined to look at the soft drink you mixed it with, maybe it had food colouring in it that gave you that reaction. Thats a tough break if you are allergic to alcohol, makes life just that bit more boring!!

i dont see why not!!
I think you should see a doctor,
But first research your symptoms on google.
But PLEASE DONT self diagnose,
X hope this helps X

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