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 I work in a small office where people have allergies to perfume and I like to wear perfume. What can I do?
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 What happens if your allergic to milk but you keep drinking it?
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 How can I convince my parents to get a pet when I have allergies?
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 Would this doctor bother you?
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 I have a scratchy throat?
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Trisha H
Child with bad allergies?
My daughter has really bad allergies and is on Singulair and Zyrtec all the time. She is only five years old. For several weeks, we have noticed that she was not hearing as well as she used to. We scheduled a hearing test. She has some hearing loss (temporary) because the allergies have caused fluid to collect behind her eardrums. The doctor gave us samples of Nasonex to try for 3 weeks. He is hoping this will dry up the fluid. If it works, I guess we have another med to do every night. If it does not work, he is suggesting tubes to drain the fluid and restore hearing. He is also going to draw blood for allergy testing.

Has anyone else had expereinced this before? I had heard that sometimes tubes could cause fluid to back up. I don't want to do something that will cause further problems down the road. She has never had tubes before.
Additional Details
We have already been to an ENT. Her dr. there diagnosed the fluid behind her ears.

Natural Wellness
Sorry to answer with a question, I always try not to do that but...

Do you use natural household cleaners and laundry soaps? Some allergies are related to the chemicals that people come in contact with. Over time, exposure can increase the effects. By removing some of the triggers, perhaps it can help.

You can use a surgery free method and try a saline nasal RINSE (not a spray) A full warm water saline rinse goes in one nostril and out the other. It draws out all the gunk and shrinks the tissue (like swimming in the ocean). I've been doing it at work too.

The buffered salt doesn't 'sting' as much as plain salt water. You can use a new method like Nasopure, or the vintage, Netipot. The special bottle and salt is about $20.

You can do this a often as you like with no bad side effects.

You don’t need a prescription for this therapy. So if you live in a state like mine, they’ve pretty much “outlawed” Sudafed medicine. Drug-free is really the way to go on a frequent-use basis. (I put in a link for “what” and “how” – there’s also some good info on wiki)

Get a second opinion to set your mind at ease. I suffered from allergies(milk, cheese, chocolate, mold, mildew, fur, feathers, dust, chalk) when I was 5 and my allergist would not do anything for me as he told my mother I would outgrow them.This was 31 years ago and I have outgrown the allergies that I was diagnosed with as a child. However, I had developed a latex allergy and I think that was mostly based on the fact that I was in the dental industry and exposed to it on a daily basis(as per my doctor's explanation) Good luck with your daughter.

Yes! My son had so much fluid in his ears that they figured he didn't hear for the first 10.5 months of his life. He became very delayed because of the fluid build up. He sat up for the 1st time the night he got the tubes. Now that he's 3, he is almost totally caught up (except potty training which they told me would take longer due to his early in life delay).

Don't mess with the ears! Take your child to an ENT!!

Barbara S
Hi I feel your pain, my daughter has had the same symptoms for years now, and this time of year when the oak trees are blooming, it's a nightmare. I am not finding that the Zyrtec is working, or really the cingular, not sure if we have another infection, and need antibotics or what. I just read a woman said to boil water and but camfor in it, and breath the steam, it will clear the suffiness. Some days I could rip my hair out, I have not found a doc agressive enough I guess. The Nasonex seemed to work a little when I could get her to do it, lets face it, we don't like nose Spray, we can't expect our little ones to, I would tell her that it was tickle nose Spray, and I would use some, and start laughing, then I would have my husband do the same, ( you can imagine how much he love that!!!) Then she would do it, and not find it as funny, so that trick didn't work for long. yes it's frustrating. I am going to try the steam with the camfor, let me know if you have any other idea's. I will certainly do the same for you...Thanks!!! lol, I am glad to see that I am not alone!!!!

Get a second opinion. That is always the best thing to do. My child has really bad allergies and had to have tube in her ears when she was 11 months old. She would not turn loose of things and walk then 2 weeks after she had tubes she walked from my down the hall in my parents home. The tubes helped she was not in as much pain with ear infections and we did not end up in the doctors office or er as much for the next year. Just be careful and dont get water in the ears. Alway use plugs. My child tubes came out about 2 years later and 6 months after they come out we had to put some more in. and until she started allergy shots tubes in the ears was the only way we could not live in the dr. office and er. So as i said get a second opinion and if necessary get the tubes you will see a big difference and so will your child.

that has been happening to me since i was 4, im 21 now. i have taken Singulair for years upon years and it helps. i use a nasal spray called Flonase and i think its a miracle drug! it helps! so i hope the Nasonex works!! It sounds like your daughter has asthma related allergies. and i dont know why the doctor would draw blood for allergy testing. it should just be a small poke on her arm or back.

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