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 Can u be allergic to apples?
just recently after eating an apple i get a burning feeling inside my lips and i can feel slight lumps with my tongue it lasts for about 30 minutes anyone else have this trouble at first it was red ...

 If you are allergic to strawberries,are you allergic to Cherries too?

 Does anyone know if it is safe to take more than 10 mg of claritin a day?

 I have itching in my inner throat, and when i start itching, huge sneezes appear. HELP?
I have itching in my inner throat, and when i start itching, massive sneezes appear. HELP ME....

 I can't stop sneezing. No bacteria. Clear liquid when I blow my nose. Been happening since Christmas.?
My doctor has prescribed everything from antibiotics (that's how I know this isn't an infection), Sudafed, Claritin D, I am misting with Sinus spray. I sneeze so much and have blown my nose ...

 Is there such a thing as sugar allergies?
As long as I stay away from sugar and use substitutes I'm fine...But the minute I eat candy bars, ice cream or whatever, I start to sweat, body swells and my sinuses act up...

Most ...

 Itchy ears,dry skin on face allergy?
started getting daily headaches 5yrs ago. itchy ears started sametime as headaches. left ear inside itches so bad wakes me up. the more i scratch, the more it itches. i can't help but scatch the ...

 What reason would there be for my mouth to have swollen up?
Serious Answers Only, Please! About 3/4 times a year my mouth swells up, usually during the night whilst I'm asleep. The doctor has given me anti-histamene tablets and the condition goes away ...

 What's a good non-prescription allergy medicine for stuffy nose?
My nose is sooo congested, I cannot clear it for the life of me! Also, I have runny noses and I sneeze quite often. It seems to occur when I lay down too... does anyone else have this problem?...

 Stuffy nose?
i went to my doctor he prescribed me antibiotics and they still didnt work, i already went through the nasal sprai and decongestion stuff and still NOTHING, I really need help my nose is constantly ...

 Killin fleas in room?

 Does anyone know anything about the use of the food additive MSG (monosodium glutamate) in the UK?
I will be travelling to the UK, and I am highly allergic to the food additive MSG. In the US, the government requires all foods that carry this additive to show it on the labelling, at least in the ...

 Cats hair up nose?
i have a hair,caught up my nose which feels like it stuck between my nose and my throat,does any one know what i can do.. to remove it.thanks....

 What is fibromyalgia and does it ever go away?

 Why do so many children have life threatening peanut and food allergies now?
Any well educated theories out there?
I've read so much till I think my head will explode, but still don't know the answer.
I know allergies are inherited, but I mean why are ...

 Celiac symptoms?
Hi guys, I'm hoping that someone can give me insight into what I've been feeling lately. Since around late may of last year I've been getting these strange & annoying symptoms. In ...

 Any suggestions on how I can breathe better at night?
I have real bad allergies and somewhat asthma symptoms. With all of these weather changes my sinuses have been giving me a fit. Any suggestions or personal experiences that have helped you....

 When blow my nose its yellow, what does this mean???

 After tappering off prednisone how long should it take for the body to correct itself?
I asked a question on this subject earlier but I didn't give enough info and everyone told me to just ask my doctor. Well being that its saturday reaching my doctor might be a little difficult ...

 Is it true that even if you're allergic to a sting, the 1st time is OK?
I've heard the first time you get stung by an insect, like a bee or wasp, you'll have a normal/mild reaction, even if you happen to have an allergy to the venom. It's the SECOND time ...

Can you take a Claritin and a Zyrtec at the same time?
I was thinking this would cover all my allergy problems.

NO-- that's double dosing

Just one of them would be enough. They can make you drowsy so i'm not sure what would happen if you took 2 different ones.

Joy J
Both are for allergies. why do you want to take both which serve the same purpose. One would be enough. If you want to find information on Zyrtec you can find it at http://www.internationaldrugmart.com/Zyrtec.html

No don't do that...There kinda the same it would be too much of a danger mixing the two meds...

not a great idea while antihistimines cant harm u n overdose situations unluss you take like the whole bottle, it could have some adverse affects on your immune system i recomend seeing an allergy doctor for prescription meds if allergies are that bad or you could use eyedrops for eye allergies, nose Spray, and then the Claritin if you have some congestion the nose Spray or a mentholated cough drop should help also inhaling salt water helps clear up sinuses

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