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 What is the worst season to have those allergies?
I have mine at summer. Those allergies I mean are sneezing, stuffy/runny nose....those. By the way, does everyone have those seasonal allergies?...

 Allergic to shrimp?
I'm allergic to shrimp and lobster. Is there anything I can do to suppress the allergic reaction? I use to eat shrimp all the time when I was young but a few years ago I became allergic to it....

 What do you do when your allergies get soo bad you can't see?
my eyes r puffy and its not a cold cause my eyes don't swell w/ a cold! medicine won't work!...

 Why does my daughter sniffle so much?
shes almost 3...this past week shes been sniffling as if she had a runny nose..but no runny nose, or anything like that..she just does it all the time throughout the day..i clean her nose, i dont ...

 What causes these symptoms?
Am I suffering from some kind of flu or allergy?

diarrea, head feels sore, lips feel dry, feeling tired,weak, lazy, ...

 Any way to cure cat allergies?
I will be moving in with my girlfriend in the up coming months and she has a cat.. I am alleric to cat to the point where it feels like my throwt is closing up and I has a hard time breathing. I don&...

 What are symptoms of allergies or severe allergies?
just please write what allergies are and what are the symptoms and how can they be treated if you are 13. Please and Thank you.
Additional Details
and what they can be caused by,...

 What does it mean when your nose constantly itches?

 Can a person actually be allergic to beer? (see details)
I'm on Amoxicillin, and the last two nights I've had a beer (each night). And both nights I've broke out in hives. The WORST hives I've ever had. Or is it just a reaction to the AM...

 Nose bleed?
can anyone tell me what would cause a nine year old to have excessive nose bleeds. it seems like it happens more when he gets upset or strains the muscles in his face....

 Has anyone ever gotten allergic to makeup?
Because, For christmas one year I got a makeup kit and I put some on and I started sneezing and itching. For anyother makeup too! Does anyone know what I should do about that?...

 Is there a medical term for being allergic to cigarette smoke or smoke?
Is there a medical term for being allergic to cigarette smoke or smoke?

10 pts to the best right answer
Additional Details
I didn't say I had it. I just ...

 Allergy question?
I'm allergic to fruits and vegetables. Something to do with the sugar. I can't have fresh or frozen or juices. Any other alternatives?...

 How does an allergy differ from a cold????
HEY!! u shud answer the question for me! the first person to answer is the bestest! lol..:)...

 I just bought a dog and i have an allergic reaction my skin gets itchy and red what medicine is reccomended?
to provide you with further details to help me, i just recently bought a dog and every time she licks me i start getting itchy, i get little bumps on my face and arms and sometimes my stomach, they ...

 Can you eat honey?
If you are allegic to bees?...

 Hey ,write me the side effect of musterbetion pleas?

 What are the symptoms of wheat/gluten intolerance?
I'm trying to watch what my little boy eats to pick up on anything like this, but I cant find any information on what I should be looking for, does anyone know?...

 I have allergie symtom like itchy eyes, watery nose and sneezing. What is the reason for this type of allergie

 Does saline nasal spray help prevent nosebleeds?
I get nose bleeds frequently about this time of year because of the dry weather. I also tend to get congested with a runny nose. I've read that saline nasal spray will moisturize. Does this mean ...

Can you just become lactose intolerant?
My daughter vomits often. We thought she had motion sickness. We went to the doctors yesterday to see if there was anything thay could perscribe. They said hope fully she'll grow out of it. However, it dawned on me, that she vomits usually after drinking milk. She's been drinking milk for a year now, and I wondered if she is now allergic to milk. They even ruled out any sickness, and the milk is not expired. Any help will much appreciated.

Yes, but the symptom is usually diarrhea.
The problem is a lack of Lactase which is needed to breakdown the milk sugar (lactose), so it goes through the digestive system very quickly.

Yes, you can. Adult humans aren't supposed to have the ability to digest lactose. Some are able to but some also lose the ability. Right now I'm in the process of losing my tolerance to lactose and I hate it because I love dairy products too much.

Yes you can because being lactose intolerant is when your body stops creating Lactase to break down lactose. Most people become a little lactose intolerant as you get farther from childhood.


Yes, you can become lactose intolerant. It happened to my husband a couple of years ago. Cut dairy products out of her diet and see if it stops.

If it does, you can slowly add back in things like yogurt, and cheese, many of which have lower levels of lactose that she might tolerate. If she really likes milk, there are a couple of brands available that have had the lactose enzymatically removed. They cost a little bit more, but they really do taste pretty good.

Kaitlyn C
I dont no exactly...but after i drink milk i usually get diarreah and or a really bad stomach aches, and i went to the doctors and they told me to start eliminating milk prouducts slowly to see if thats what the issue is...so maybe sje might have the same problem or not!????


I became/ realized i was lactose intorant 2 years ago. Milk and cheese never sat right with me before but only two years ago did i actually start vomiting. btw a milk intorlerance and a milk alergy are two very different things. Let your daughter try lactose free milk or Soy milk and see if anything changes. Best of luck!

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