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 My little boy wants to get a cat how do i know if we are not allergic to one?

 I suffer with sinus infection about every 3 mo. It effect my left side get stiff my ear feels like swimmer ear
Dr. always give me a z pack, wich work for a while, allegra-D-24 and cingalar....

 Red itchy face rash?
Hi, in winters, I developed this itchy red rash on my forehead, nose and upper lip. So I stopped using all the face products: face soap andmy sunblock. I use to apply curd but it improved for a while....

 I think im allergic to my necklace!?
When i wear necklaces, real or not real they itch so i scratch them and i get red bumps on my neck! There real necklaces so i dont know whats going on! I was told to paint them with clear fingernail ...

 I need a fast acting sinus medicine!!!!?
I need a fast acting sinus medicine. Something that will stop my sinuses from draining into my throat- or at least relieve that horrible raw dry feeling in my throat. I could barely sleep last night....

 HELP HELP !!!!! Is this a food allergy?
Within two hours of eating strawberries I have been itching all over, skin burning sensation when scratch.eyes somewhat blury, maybe hives on both arms. I have been eating fruit vigorously even in ...

 Celiac disease symptoms- My daughter who is 6 years old have celiac disease...?
can she be cured after she has her own period..i mean she is grown up or she has to be all her life on a gluten free ...

 Wheat intolerance or Coleiac?
I am not sure if I have a wheat allergy or I am a coleiac?

My symptoms included:

sharp pains in the stomach
feeling 'fed up'
the runs- some times with white ...

 Whenever I drink milk I feel sick. Any idea why?
Lately whenever I drink a glass of (2%) milk, I feel like I'm going to barf. I've kind of always been like this. Any idea why?

P.S. I'm just posting this in the allergy ...

 Does anyone know of any hypoallergenic shampoos besides Johnson's Baby Shampoo?

 Can you be semi lactose intolerant?
I can eat most dairy products like cheeses but I cant eat yougurt. I can only eat ice cream and milk sometimes. Sometimes it will hurt me sometimes it wont. Is it possible to be semi lactose ...

 Headache, runny nose, headache -- NEED 1 DAY CURE !?
Please... anything that can cure this by tomorrow around 6 pm. i am suppose to go to the movies with my boyfriend and i can't be sick.. i took some nightcold stuff for all the things i have.. is ...

 Red itchy bumps all over chest and back and legs. ARe they contagious?

Additional Details
and no going to a doctor isnt an option right now.. We have tried benadryl also....

 Side effects to the flu 2006 flu shot?
This is the second time that I have experienced a terrible stomache after having gotten the flu shot. Is it possibly associated? Otherwise, I never get stomache aches. I also have a headache and I am ...

 Is it some kind of allergy?
I always get a gritty feeling in my right eye and it swells up for like two days, gets sore and... well... leaks!! Does this sound like some kind of allergy, or is it just from wearing eye makeup??...

 I had a bloody nose while i was sleeping?
I had a bloody nose (Allergies) while i was sleeping and i woke up with crusty dried blood on my arm and my nose was bleeding and now theres blood that drained from the nose in the back of my throat.....

 How can you prevent a bloody nose?
My grandfather died and my mom has been really upset crying and shes been getting bad bloody noses. Well the wake is tomorow is there any way she can prevent it from happening within those 4 hours?...

 Does warm water/liquids eg; tea loosen mucus?
I have Sinusitis, and the phlegm is nasty, it's white and other than that I'm fine.

If I were to drink some hot tea, or water or any hot liquid would it help loosen the mucus? T...

 Allergy cause??
i have never had allergies in my whole life- but this year, i most certianly do!! sneezing (even in the middle of the night!!) extermely itchy eyes, anyway. how can i find out what allergins are high ...

 Does it feel weird when you get ate out?

Can you die taking to many allergy pills?

In Cogito Ergo Sum
Yes you may, but it is only secondary to certain diseases unless you OD.haha.(e.g Cushing's & Addison's)..with most anti Histamine(anti allergy) medications containing corticosteriods you are altering the body's metabolism,you may even die from kidney failure..be cautious in taking those pills.

anybody can die from anything. two years ago, I dont remember the brand, they took them off the market because people suffered from heart attack.

Ummm...yes. Why wouldn't you? They're usually an anti Histamine. A couple years ago my friend attempted suicide by taking too many Benadryl. I remember talking about how they gave her charcoal and it was really hard to brush off her teeth.

susie h
How many have you taken? If the recommended dose is 1 and you have taken 2 then you should be ok. If you have taken more than that, please seek help. NOW

You really should only take the recommended dose. Too much of anything will harm or can kill you. Taking too many of any pill is also going to have a toll on your liver. Make sure to drink lots of water. If you feel like your pill isn't working any more, it might not be.. you should switch up your allergy Medication every couple years so it may have lost its effectiveness for you. There's plenty on the market, ask your doctor if she has a sample of a different kind you can try for a week.

Alison B
Well what are they and how many are you taking? More info please!

yup like triple c's i took 20 of em and was ok but your really spose to be dead after takin that many but yea man u can die its all about wats it the drug like wat they make it with and the mg's of wat it was made with is wat causes u 2 overdose

Nice one
You can die taking to much of any pill. You could die taking 1 if your allergic to it > don't laugh it's happened! Here's a link that might help you more. > http://www.webmd.com/
Hope this helps.

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