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 Is there a way to get rid of redness in the eye?
its been with me for like 3 years. eyedrops dont really help. it may be because at one point in time, i coughed so much, i bursted a blood vessel, and i was wondering if there is a cure for it. no ...

 Okay I'm sorry for how gross this is but I'm concerned..ANSWER!?
For about two weeks now I've had very thick brown mucous stuck in the back of my throat. I can't cough it up I have to clean it off with..a q-tip. The area around my nasal passage in the ...

 Please help me get rid of these hives. any suggestions?
i rented these mid-calf, patent leather boots for halloween. i wore them only friday night and now i am breaking out in hives from the knee down. do you think it was the boot material, the ...

 Could this cause toxic mold so quickly?
My apartment flooded on Sunday and the landlord has yet to come clean it up. One bedroom was a swimming pool. It is since dried to a slight dampness.

It's been sitting there for ...

 Seasonal allergies are killing me...I'm taking 1-2 claritin a day and it clearly does not work, what can I do?
I'm almost dead from constantly sneezing, running nose, coughing, and watery eyes.

Last year it wasn't nearly as bad as I remembered taking 1 claritin worked pretty well but this ...

 Why does my daughter cough all the time,but has no chest infection?
my little girl is 21 months and seems to have a cough all the time,she has just finshed her antibiotics and 2 days later the cough was back,please ...

 Want 10 points? - Scratch Test!?
Tell you what.. I will give the most informative comment 10 points!!

Basically I have quite a number of allergies; asthma, hayfever and eczema... my mother, grandmother, all my family and I...

 Nut allergies?
Can someone still eat food that may have traces of nuts/nut oil, around those with nut allergies?...

 My nose is driving me MAD!?
Ok, so end of 2005 I contracted sinusitus, didn't complete course of antibiotics so doctor prescribed another dose. Completed course. Then had hayfever - couldn't breathe one bit through my ...

 Milk allergy?
if you are not allergic to sheep's milk, are you also not allergic to cow milk????...

 Why cant i breathe through my nose EVER without the use of over-the-counter nasal spray?
constant congestion every day,morning noon and night,no runny nose,passages just swell up and close.i know that i am addicted to the active ingredient in the nasal spray"oxymetazoline HCL"...

 A VERY IMPORTANT question! Everyone with food allergies NEEDS to answer!!?
Please take just a minute to read this! It’s so important!

I have many food allergies…sometimes when I even smell food that I’m allergic to, I feel itchy and have trouble breathing. S...

 Are there more food allergies these days, or do we just hear about it more?
As I sit here eating my Kung Pao chicken and noticing all the peanuts, it just made me wonder. It seems like there are so many people with deadly allergies to nuts or shellfish, and less-deadly but ...

 I need some help with people who are highly allergic! I'm afraid of what would happen...10 POINTS?
I work at a sandwich store and someone asked for sandwiches and one of them can't have tomatoes or touch tomatoes because he is highly allergic. My co-worker told me to just take off the gloves ...

 What to do when you have a sweet tooth and can't eat eggs cause you are allergic ?
I have a really bad want for something sweet but don't know what i can have cause everything sweet basically has eggs H...

 Milk if taken after meat can cause skin deaseas?
what is the name of the deaseas ....

 My boyfriend just got a kitten but im allergic to them but cant stop going round to his obviously lol!?
is there anything i can take or something to stop the allergy or to help it?...

 How to cure a scratchy voice?

 Trouble Swallowing food: Food Allergy?
I have a major problem with my throat. I do not have discomfort or anything, but when i try to swallow foods, often times it will get lodged in a web of mucus, resulting in my choking and gagging it ...

 Does an allergy skin test hurt?
I hate pain and have to go get an allergy skin test done and i was wondering if it hurt?...

Can you be semi lactose intolerant?
I can eat most dairy products like cheeses but I cant eat yougurt. I can only eat ice cream and milk sometimes. Sometimes it will hurt me sometimes it wont. Is it possible to be semi lactose intolerant?

Please eat two eggs daily and drink milk

Daniella D

It could have to do with how the product is processed too, or what additives, preservatives are in it.

Yeah, but I think there's a different term for it. But you got the right idea. I got the same problem: I can't drink milk or heavy milk in Alfredo sauce, but pizza's fine with me. Not sure about yogurt though since I've never really liked it to begin with.

yes, not all dairy products will cause a reaction

Super Rach
Yes, it would be lactose sensitivity rather than allergy or intolerance.

Probably, I have to same problem, I believe it's all about how much.

Nothing is bad in moderation.

Yes you can. There are different degrees of Lactose Intolerance and usually you can take meds to take care of it.

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