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 Is it possible to be allergic to onions?
Every time I eat anything that has raw onions in it I start to feel very sick, ie: lightheaded and nauseas oh and the taste stays in my mouth/throat for ages.

When it's cooked I am ...

 Bee alergy?
Well my boyfriend is alergic to bees and honey...Cou you please tell me what would be if he would be beaten by one?Or if he ate honey?What is the worse case and how should i react?
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 What on earth could be causing my allergies?
I have horrible fall allergies. And the odd thing about them is that on days when the pollen count is low, they go crazy (usually the lower the crazier). And the days when the pollen count is high, ...

 Can your eyes really pop out of your head when you sneez?
my mom says they can....

 Is this a Chocolate allergy?
Everytime i eat chocolate my tongue swells & i vomite and everytime i smell chocolate i start vomiting or get a headache

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 Have you ever gone into anaphalaxic shock?
When i took Amoxycillin my throat swelled up making it hard to breathe.
I was then told it was anaphalaxis and not to take it any more....

 I am lactose intolerant...?
....and I hate the taste of Soy Milk. Just ugh.
I have heard of Lactose-Free Milk, or lactaid.
People have said that they like the taste of lactose free milk, people have said there is no ...

 Does anyone know if there's a cure for allergic rhinitis.??
and suggest a nasal spray which has worked for u or some1 u know....

 What's the best solution for a rash due to an allergic reaction?

 Am I alergic? Or does this happen to you?
I love avacados. I always have. I am not alergic to anything we know of except maybe penicline. But whenever I eat avacados my throat itches. I dont get sick or anything and it happened to a few ...

 Can I sue a restaurant for....?
My mom ate at a sea food restaurant and a day later got really sick and had to go to the ER they said that it was an allergic reaction to the shrimp she had(she never was allergic before). then a ...

 Are these symptoms of human cat allergies?
throughout the day, when i am with my cat, i am fine. however, at night, if he is sleeping in my room, i wake up with a red rash on my neck, a stuffy nose, and puffy red eyes. BUT, this only ...

 I have hives?
I had Hives for over 8 years i cant seem to get rid of them. is there some way to get rid of them?...

 Sun allergy?
in the summer i get these awful bumps on my face, this only happens at summer any other time my face is fine. Does anyone else suffer this and know of a good cream. No matter how high the factor is ...

 Does anyone here have a allergy to honey?
My allergy specialist has never heard of this before and apparently I am one of three people in the world! surely this cant be true! my blood has been taken for all sorts of studies aroudn the world I...

 Does anyone know if the pollen count has been high lately?
i think my hayfever is acting up again because my eyes are very itchy & sore and that only happens when the pollen count his high. i'm in cambridgeshire.
Additional Details
can ...

 Is anyone with average alleries having a major allergy problem this season?
Any reasons why?...

 Help!! My allergies are killing me!?
My allergies have been the worst the past 2 weeks. I haven't felt like this in about 6 years. Can anyone suggest a really good OTC med for nasal congestion and sinus pressure? I've tried ...

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 Can someone be allergic to salt?

Can you be allergic to some cats, but not others?

I'm like that. I have 2 cats of my own. They don't bother me at all. But when I go to my Mother's or Grandmother's house(both have cats) I get filled up almost immediately.

What happens with me, is living with my 2 cats every day, my immune system gets used to them. But its not used to anyone else's cats, thus a major allergic reaction.

Daniel S
My sister had strong allergic reactions whenever she went near cats and then a while later we bought two cats but they were both short haired called devon rex's which means that they dont shed to the degree that normal cats do. My sister hasn't had any problems when around them and shes also asthmatic. Shedding would aggrevate your allergies so yes you can be allergic to some cats but not others.

Yes, there are definitely some cats you will be allergic to and not others. Its a problem I have with my friend's cat. I'm terribly allergic to it and start to sneeze and tear up immediately despite being the owner of 4 cats that don't bother me one bit. Very weird! They are now genetically engineering cats that don't cause allergies but be prepared to pay $3000 apiece for them!


Yes, you can be allergic to some cats more than others. My husband and I are both allergic to cats. We've noticed that tabby's are worse than black cats. Even long-haired cats bother our allergies.

katja r
yes!i m like that!))))

I think so. It's supposedly their saliva that causes the allergies Rather than their fur so i suppose it you may be more prone to flaring up after a cat has just groomed its self. But think that it might be a factor on the length of fur and how much they cast.

Just take piritine of some type of anti-histamine

It was to my knowledge that people weren't allergic to cats per se, but the cat dander. essentially I don't think you can be allergic to some and not others.

Cat allergen is not actually cat hair, but a protein present in the dander and saliva of cats. The allergens become airborne as microscopic particles which, when inhaled into the nose or lungs, can produce allergic symptoms. Cat allergen is particularly sticky and is carried on clothing.

I think that people find themselves "less allegirc" with short haired cats, and cats that don't shed a lot of hair.

I used to be really allergic to cats, I would sneeze, weeze when breathing and get hives.
We just started to vaccuum a lot more, spray down the furniture and keep the cats off of the furniture. I'm not so bad now, just the occasional sneeze here and there.

Dr Frank
Patients commonly report that this is the case. I have 4 cats sometimes if 2 particular cats are moulting I will cough, i am not allergic per se, but not with the other 2. i am sure it relates to the quality of the fur.

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