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 I have a cold and i want to be able to taste and smell again how do i do it?

 What are people so mad and upset about Mike Vick?
I dont llike what he has done but, this kind of torture happens every day in slaughter houses and vivisection labs. this shouldnt be such a shock to the public. in fact there are probably monkies ...

 I got a cat 4months ago and now my mom keeps sneezing.?
I got my cat September 5, 2006 and my mom just started sneezing a couple of weeks ago. Can you develop allergies to a cat after you`ve had him for a while. But she is also allergic to flower pollen ...

 What is the releif from constant wet cough?
There lot of lung congestion and continous cough which makes me tired,and unable to walk sometimes this is due to what reason
what is the best medicine or ...

 Severe allergy to shellfish?
I am allergic to shrimp and am absolutely terrified of eating out because of it. I am scared of there possibly being cross contamination in the food I eat, and of people eating shellfish and touching ...

 My nose is always clogged! What do I do?
For all I can remember my nose has been clogged. I have asthma and allergies. My asthma isn't a big problem anymore. The medicines doctors have given me for my nose are Zyrtec, Allegra, Allegra-D...

 I like to know how to get rid of dark circles under the eye?
My daughter has hayfever and every spring gets very dark circles under her eyes. She is a light-complected Black female....

 My allergies are really bad today. Anyone else suffering?

 How do you know if youre allergic to something and how likely is it you will die if you are?
Im terrified that Im going to have a reaction from eating something Im allergic to. My friend had a horrible reaction to lobster and stopped breathing on the way to the hospital. Ever since then I...

 Latex Allergy???
i dont know if i have a latex allergy....

when i was blowing up latex balloons my throat felt like it was closing, and when i was babysitting i changed the kids diaper and got hives like 5 ...

 What Dr. would you recommend for sinus problems?
Can I see an allergist that also specialises in sinus problems or should I see an ENT? I have a sinus problem/infection that is lasting over a month on antibiotics.

Additional Details

 Ton's of food allergies, Please Help! She is 6?
My daughter is allergic to Wheat, Soy, Beef, Shellfish, Chicken, Turkey, Peas, Peanuts, Eggs, Tree Nuts,
basically everything. Are there any other parents with the same problem? What do you ...

 My eyes are always red, is there anything I can do to stop it?
They go from being a bit red to blood shot. People all the time ask me if I'm stoned or crying and I've scared a lot of people....

 Do allergies increase in summers?

 After taking a drink containing sugar, i have back pains when i lay to rest and sometimes swollens on the skin
Is this meant to be an allergy of sort? The drink could be any as long as it contains sugar. Am 25 and i really want to know what the implications are and what i can do to prevent this....

 I need to get rid of a rash under my arms in two days i think its an allergy can u help? what can i do?
it may be an allergy but im not sure! i need help and soon!...

 I took a Benadryl about 2 hours ago, and now I feel really, really weird... is that normal?
I had some coffee shortly after taking it. Now I feel really weird and sluggish and everything just feels strange. Is that normal?...

 Can I sue my boss?
I was issued a jacket, my body didn't like the lining that was in it. I started to vomit and I always noticed it felt like there was something caught in my throat, there was also always an oily ...

 Cannot Have Wheat, Dairy or Sugar - Help!?
i'm 18 and female. i recently started going to a natural medicine doctor and had an ALCAT food allergy panel. most of what i'm allergic to are things i eat almost everyday. i don't ...

 Sinusitis remedies?
Do you know of any sinus remedies? I have recurring sinusitis and it can be very painful sometimes and I need some remedies to help relieve the pain and the pressure....

Can someone be allergic to red dye 40?

yes it is not good for anybody. it is horrible for you,, avoid any consumption of that.


Yes,and the yellow too.


yes my twin sisters (younger than me about to be 2) are allergic to red dye 6

Yes, a person can be allergic to anything with proteins in it because your immune system tries to react to them. I've heard of people being allergic to it as well.

Kelly M
Yes, I'm in the home health care field and we have two ladies that are allergic to it. They can't eat anything containing red dye 40 including spaghetti sauce and certain juices and drink mixes. Usually if they do happen to eat something containing the dye they just vomit and have symptoms like a stomach flu so it's not exactly life threatening but it is an allergy.

people can be allergic to anything - red dye 40 included.

if so then remain clear of foods that include it.

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