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 Why does peanut butter make me gag?
i accedently ate a peanut butter brownie and almost threw up cause it makes me gag so much.It also make me feel that wierd throat to ear thing if youve ever had it.It also make my ears itchy but its ...

 Peanut allergies?
how come on only hypocondriacts are allergic to peanuts?...

 I've been allergic to metal--not just nickel--for years. anyone have a suggestion for a wedding ring?

Additional Details
already tried all forms of metal including platinum and surgical steel. the jade is a good idea. and the mother of pearl. has anyone heard of a glass ring? do ...

 Help.. why Do I Itch?
My hands are really ithcy, along with my scalp and neck. I haven't changed any products that I use. The only thing that I can think of is that I was pulling weeds this weekend. Is it the ...

 My girlfriend always vomits minutes after eating chicken.?
She can eat eggs, turkey and any other kind of meat but chicken seems to be her enemy. Anyone know what this is called and if there is a way she can cure or take anything to help her. (And yes, ...

 Causes of itchy backs after shower/ before sleeping?
i get itchy backs after the shower and before going to sleep. i took benadryl allergy medicine and they went away but i dont know if the medicine made them go away because they go away by themselves....

 Im sick!!! i have sore red eyes with somewhat blury vision, high temperture and extremely fatigued muscles.?
dont tell me go to a docter please...i have no time just please tell me what i have..and if u have any home remedies please say so.....

 Where can a buy a gluten-free cake mix?
I want to make a sponge cake for someone who is a coeliac so therefore, it cannot contain gluten. Can anyone give me a recipe for a gluten free cake or can you reccomend a cake mix that I can buy and ...

 I have a nutty question. When people have an allergy to peanuts. Do they have an allergy to all types of nuts?

 Allergic reaction from tanning bed?
I've never had a problem with using tanning beds - ever - but last night I went tanning for maybe the second time all month (i go rarely... just a few times a month to keep up a base tan) and I ...

 Will a flu shot work on seasonal allergies?

 How can you play soccer if your allergic to grass?

 Do any restaurants serve gluten free food?
Restaurants, fast food places, whatever. I mean besides the obvious gluten free food like fruit and meat and stuff. My lil sis just got diagnosed with celiac disease. We have found lots of gluten ...

 Does anyone know how to get rid of a cold within 2 days, besides medication?

 Does anyone else suffer from chronic hives? If so, how do you deal with it?
I have had chronic hives for 7 years and I get hives pretty much everyday. I have been on every antihistamine possible and I am now taking a light dose of prednisone because I had a bad flare up of ...

 Chocolate make anyone else sneeze???
can't help but pop those little hershey's kisses, but for every kiss, there is like 3 or 4 sneezes....weard......

 I have these weird things on my arms that only go away when i get out of water!!??!?!!?
this summer i went to the beach. i would suntan for like 1-2 hours then i would go the ocean. i would come out after like 10-15 minutes and there would be all these mosquito bite like bumps all over ...

 I just ate a mango and my tongue is all swollen!!! WHY???

Additional Details
I don't get it tho, cuz i ate mangos all the time in china. the ones in the u.s. must have more acid in them? Strange.

Where are you from tofuman?...

 Allergies that can kill first time?
How do people find out they have an allergy to e.g. a bee sting, like one sting and it could kill them?
Additional Details
So this means its possible if i didn't get tested i could ...

 Dry Cough, X ray clear, all home based remedies tried?
I have very dry cough for past 2 weeks, tried all home remedies like honey and ginger, steam, gorgle with saline water, took some cough mixture, got Chest X - ray done too, which is clear. Can anyone ...

Can one develop an allergy to a certain food later in life?
I'm asking this because I recently had an allergic reaction to something I ate. And I haven't eaten anything new recently. I'm thinking it was either an omelet, a salad, or soy milk.

One certainly can react to foods that were previously tolerated. factors affecting this are

1) repeated exposure
2) ingesting foods while stressed or injured
3) ingesting while recieving chemical toxins ( drinking a soda while golfing on a freshly sprayed course)
4) reacting to spices or additives and not the food itself.

people with sudden and severe reactions are more likely to have detectable IgE antibodies in the serum. Quantitation of these levels has some utility in predicitng the chance of severe reactions Other reactions such as eczema,vomiting(esophagitis) colitis or migraine may be mediated though other means


David Schultz, M.D.
Richmond, Va

laurel g
Absolutely, yes! You can develop an allergy at any time in your life.

Pedro S
yes ,,,can happen any time...egg and milk ,,peanuts are most common

Definitely. I just found out I'm allergic to morel mushrooms (other kinds are find), even though I ate one or two every year for years with no worse symptoms than a mild stomach ache. Then my husband decided he'd treat me, and made a whole plate of them just for me. The first time we thought it was just too rich, but the second time it was pretty obvious that I was allergic to them--that wasn't stomach flu!

first off...........did you check the experation date on the milk and eggs to see if they have expired? second..........has any DR told you you may have an intolerance to dairy? i cant say you can develop an allergy to certain foods later in life but basic foods like milk eggs, etc. does not just happen all of a sudden. to know for sure call your DR to make an appt. for an allergy DR they have tests to determine what things you are allergic to. good luck

it's possible b/c you're body is alittle more developed since you've grown older. It's more apt to respond to old stuff than new.just keep a look out

I developed a shellfish allergy only six years ago...after a lifetime of enjoying shrimp, oysters, etc. Although my allergy isn't fish per se, I need to be aware of how food is prepared to insure, for instance, that the grilled chicken or salmon wasn't next to the shrimp on the grill, etc. Fried foods are out, too, because of the proximity issue. Your best bet is to visit an allergist to determine what your triggers are (I waited two years, and thought I was allergic to fish). Your allergist will also provide you with the best course of action re medications and preventive measures. Good luck!

a g
Yes you can...As with everything our body's change and things we used to eat without thinking can be the things that harm us later on in life.

Allergies are very funny-and yes you can develop an allergy over night.

My husband and I used to go out and eat shrimp alot and all of a sudden he developed an allergy to sea food that he didn't have.

You could have developed an allergy to eggs or dairy. There are test that Dr. can do on you to find out exactly what you have allergies to.

Developing allergies later in life is not uncommon - I know, I'm one of those people. Foods and products that I've enjoyed for years suddenly cause severe reactions. Monitor your food consumption closely and you will be able to determine what is the "trigger" food(s). Here is what the Mayo Clinic has to say about it - http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/food-allergy/AN00179

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