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Listen Up!
Can drastic weather changes cause allergies?
In Ohio it's been hot one day, rainy and cold the next day, and then hot the next!

I've been getting really numb like headaches on my forehead and my face...crushing headaches.

My upper back is also pretty numb...is this because of the weather

and also...are these even signs of allergies?


Drastic weather agents such as wind and/or rain can carry dust, pollen, or any other allergens to wider areas. "Crushing headaches".. are you sure you're not tired? I always say take care of yourself before resorting to drugs. Make sure you rest. Then if you can you could take a hot bath, and then exercise lightly. They sound like allergies to me.

Damn global warming!

Jess F
yeahh it can. and that could be allergies.

yes it could be.

dont drinl too cold water in the hot or dont just come come from heat into the air condition these also cause headaches.

these can absolutely be signs of allergies. are you allergic already to things that you know of? cold weather, as well as warm is brought in on air current, which stirs around all those pollens and dusts, and molds that like to attack your body, when your allergic.

Yes they can. I have the same problem. Maybe these will help:



Jimmy B
yes i live in cinci and i know how sporadic the weather has been. these can cause the symptoms you are experience because of the dramatic change in atmospheric pressure and the new incoming wind from other parts of the U.S. the symptoms you are experiencing good very well be allergies and due to mutiple triggers such as pollen

i think you are reacting to the barometric pressure, or its change.
(like my grandmother with arthritis could always tell when it was going to rain.)

a heating pad may help.

and when you see the doc, let them know how bad the pain is, and that you are concerned about both migraines and cluster headaches.

not really allergy symtoms.
maybe sinus congestion. a hot shower would help if it is sinuses.

This sounds like it has something to do with your sinuses. The head aches and the pressure in your face are usually symptoms of a sinus infection or also allergy symptoms. Right now I think the pollen and weather are completly out of whack. You could have caught a cold due to the weather which in turn caused a sinus infection. Hope that helps.

kyra k
not allergies-migraines! migraines can be caused,in suceptable individuals by rapid changes in barometric pressure.if it was a sinus/allergy problem,it would be more of a persistant but dull ache.migraines are indeed described as "crushing".see a dr,ask if u might have migraines.there are triptan meds that can stop a migraine in its tracks,u may need one.also,track ur cycle and see if u get headaches right b4 ur period,this is common in women with migraines also.good luck!

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