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 Hash reaction?! HELP!!?
I had hash for one of the many times.
IT was strong stuff...i was sitting in the woods with friends surrownded by so many midgies!
Last night i was up all night itching...
they are ...

 What can you do to rid your house of cat "dander" when expecting company allergic to cats?
Anything, at all? I'm about to have a baby and I'm totally wanting my best friend to stay with me for a few days, but I have a cat (mostly outside) who I don't even really mind ...

 Can an allergy cause a sore throat and stuffy nose?
I have not cold a cold as this is a result from a cold i had weeks ago im thinkin its somethng else now. Im also tired alot.
Can anyone shed some light or has anyone else got this

 Lactose intolerant people...please !?
I am lactose intolerante,
do you think lactose intolerant people can eat Tzatziki?
the first ingredient is called
"Milk Ingredients"
but, i can eat yogurt.... :S...

 What kind of food is good for a sore throat?
My throat is absolutly killing me! Im on medication for pharyngitis (spellings for crap today) but it doenst have a pain killer in it, Im takeing motrin, and throat spray. Ive eaten my weight in ...

 Cat Allergy - Need answers.?
I have a question.

My friend owns 3 cats. Each time I go to his house I end up with itchy nose, throat and one of my eyes will pretty much close up and go really red. Is there anyway to ...

 How to improve the allergic condition of the body,i usually get swelling of lips/ itching in the body?
normally tablet AVIL relives....

 My head and ears hav been realy congested this past week ive taken allergy medicine but nothin seems to work.?
headcongestion feeling like my head is about to bust, ear congestion my ears feel clogged up. I think its just really bad allergies but dont know for ...

 Which nasal spray shall I use?
Its summer Allergies seaon. The time I get plugged nose, runny nose, sneezing frenzie and itchy eyes.

I have all the nasal sprays you can by at your local store.

answer me this: ...

 Pawn allergy?

 Getup morning the mouth will smell?why?and what its remedy?

 What is the solution for red watery eyes and irritation?
after my trip to new york, i started having some eye problems. my eyes constantly feel irritated and when i rub them it becomes bloodshot. they are red most of the time and sometimes watery. i tried ...

 Can people be allergic to water?

 Is taking 240mg of codeine a day ,a lot of codeine?

 Why are more people developing allergies to common foods and insect stings?

 Girls only please! What is happening to me? Is it just puburty?
I am 14. I woke up this morning and I have red bumps all over my chest and close to my neck. I would think that they were like pimples or something...but there is atleast 40 of them and they are in ...

Okay, i'm curious...name the weirdest allergy that u've EVER heard of......

 What are you ALLERGIC to?
chocolate =( yes, i know.....

 Please help quick?
please it may help to read my previous question, but i have taken some antibiotics and had an allergic reation, went to doc's was given some medication, this aint worked so i still have swollen ...

 Itching Question. Allergic to something at bed time?
My nine year old keeps saying that she itches all over at night when she goes to sleep in her room. We have checked for bed bugs, and I have washed her sheets in different soap. I cant figure it out. ...

Can anyone be allergic to newspaper?
Everytime in the car when i read newspaper, my brother will start sneezing non-stop. So we made a conclusion that he might be allergic to newspaper or the ink or the paper itself.. Is it possible that someone is allergic to newspaper? If so, what cause the allergic response?

well, you can't choose to be allergic to anything. (or i'd choose to be allergic to these friggin cats!)

that could be psycological but there is a big change too that your brother is alergic to newspaper. to tell you might want him tested with an allergy test by a family or a dermatorogist. alergic reactions are caused when your body is not comfortable with a certain substance like crab egg pollen dust or newspaper that carry dust...

Mike J
I am allergic to lots of things. I remember cardboard boxes as well as newspaper. It is most likely the paper itself.

Loren S
it's quite possible that your brother is allergic to the ink in the news print or the chemicals which are used to make the paper from wood.

Yeah it's possible. He should get that checked out.

Anyone can be allergic to anything and the allergy can develop early or later in life. If you search newspaper allergy on the internet, you will see that many people are allergic to the ink.

i have no idea
Yes, it makes both me and my father sneeze. I have to be careful when I read the paper to not touch my face and to wash my hands when I finish.


Some newsprint inks are irritating to some people. Your brother could be one of the people who is indeed sensitive to newsprint ink!

As a matter of fact, there is a newspaper my mother can't read because she has a reaction to the ink. I don't think that's it, though: Ink usually doesn't float through the air from a newspaper, unless the paper itself is of poor quality. And it might well be, considering how newspapers have to cut costs of production.

Or it might be that dust had settled on your paper and is getting thrown back up in the air while you're reading it.

An allergist would probably be better able to tell than I.

Good luck!

is your brother next to you when he sneezes? anyone could be allergic to anything or it could be a coincedicine. try seeing a doctor though just in case

vicki d
yes cause maybe the ink they use has something he's allergic too and it also could be the actual paper =)

Courtney B
The paper used in newspapers is low-cost, low-quality, non-archival paper. It is produced by a mechanical milling process, without the chemical process that is usually used to remove lignin from the pulp. Lignin (or also known as "lignen") is a complex chemical compound most commonly derived from wood and an integral part of the cell walls of plants. He may be experienceing an allergic reaction to the lignin.

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