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Does anyone else have this ...

Can allergies cause your throat to hurt when you swallow? That is the only time it hurts.?

yeah, visit to doctor is necessary

Yes allergies may cause your throat to hurt.

Oh, yeah. For several reasons - post nasal drip running down your throat, coughing that sometimes comes w/ allergies or from breathing thru your mouth due to your nose being too stopped up to use. Try honey-lemon based cough drops like halls - they will help you throat along w/ giving your nose some temporary relief. Or hot tea w/ honey and lemon.

yes, i'm allergic to some kinds of fruit, it gives me bad times swallowing food. i switched to juice because of that. some people have their lips or stomache hurts or even skin get red spots.

They sure can, especially if the allergy is causing swelling in your throat.

Mike K
The same pollens and molds that irritate the nose when they are inhaled also may irritate the throat. Cat and dog danders and house dust are common causes of sore throats for people with allergies to them.

Of course allergies can make your throat hurt. The allergies are bad this year, also.

Jenn is Here
Yep. Post nasal drip. Your sinuses are producing mucous to clear out the allergens stuck to it. It slides down the back of your throat eventually resulting in soreness. A Decongestant and anti-inflammatory may help.

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