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 Are there any web sites that show the colonix procedure??

 Itchy throat??
i dont know why but my throat is always itching. like over this past month, it has been very severe. i want to make an appt. with my doctor, but i dont want to waste my time and nothing is wrong. ...

 How to you get rid of Dust Mites?
I am not 100% sure I have them, but I have only had allergies while living in the appartment I do now. (I was watching the Oprah show where they show how long people keep things and find how ...

 Reaction to dust?
If you are exposed to a lot of dust and as a result sneeze profusely due to allergies, can it cause your throat to be sore and red? Will extra vitamins help?...

 What could be the cause of eye pain/swelling/tearing?
I think I have sinusitis due to allergies but am not sure and I am looking for answers to what my condition may be. I have severe eye pain and pain above my eyebrows on both eyes but my right eye is ...

 Can Ebstein barr virus cause severe asthma?
ebv ...

 I cannot stop itching and it starts for no apparent reason. Help?
Whenever I start itching, my skin will whelp up where my fingernails scratch and that whole area of my body will turn red.

It happens mainly on my back, ankles, and forearms. Also, I'...

 If you are allergic to penicillin and you take amoxicillin will you have an allergic reaction....?

 If you are not allergic to poison ivy can you get it?
my friend says she is not allergic and she only got it once but i think she is allergic.i think that if your not allergic to it u CAN'T get it.is it true!...

 Whats a good cure for hayfever?
i have tried all the pills etc you can buy over the counter and none of them work, at all....

 Are allergies and food-intolerances kind of like evolution in motion?
Could allergies and food-intolerances be signs of an organism adapting to it's environment?
Additional Details
Gillianp: You're really missing the point aren't you?...

 Do i have allergies??
the past week i keep getting pressure-like headaches and it feels like my head is getting squeezed. my throat always feels dry no matter how much water i drink.......

 How do you stop a runny nose fast?
I have to play my clarinet in a orchestra show tonight. I've got a cold and i just tried to play my clarinet and my nose was running all the time! I really need it to stop i cant be blowing my ...

 Why are so many children allergic to common foods such as peanuts today? Why is this such a problem today?
I never remember this being the case when I was growing up in the early 80's. I don't remember my teachers being paranoid about what their students ate like the teachers of today are....

 Which is better oatmeal ?
i have a strep throat right now. if i talk it hurts and my throat is so sore. my mom told me to eat oatmeal. im eating brown sugar and maple.
should i add milk or water? ive never eaten oatmeal ...

 Is there a Dr. that can tell me the difference between a sinus infections an allergies?

 Conjunctivitis and contacts and treating a cold?
I think I have conjunctivitis. Lately I have been having horrible allergies along with a cold that wont go away. This morning I woke up with watery eyes and now my eye is all pink/red. It doesnt ...

 If you take two Benadryl how long does it take to wear off?

 Could seasonal allergies cause an all over body itch, without a rash?

 I am allergic to cats. Can I be allergic to one in the apartment downstairs?
We just moved here and I am severely allergic to cats and my eyes are really bothering me....

Can I give my dog allegra D?
My dog has got hives this is the second time that she has got them, The vet told me to try and find the source and give her benedryl. I was just wondering if I can give her allegra D, instead of benedryl?


Mr. Fancy Pants
compare ingredients and see if it will work

Compare the ingredients and see if they are the same if they are then you can.


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