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dont step on the moomins p
Beef suddenly gives my mother hives.?
At first it seemed it was only ground beef, which is all we eat at home of beef. But we had pizza with roast beef on it and the same result. What would cause her to suddenly develop an allergy to something in her mid 50s? She's had beef at least once a week since she was a child. She gets hives, a headache and a throat reaction within 10 minutes of eating the food.

how long have you had the beef because there was another recall a while ago, or maybe it was undercooked

possably the food m8 (Y) try boilijng or preparijng it a diffrent way (Y)

food allergies can develope at a late age.
i know i used to absolutely love apples as a kid, and now if i take one bite, my lips puff up. even if they're organic.

i sudgest to go see a doctor just incase it's something else

Any difference in her own body can make her act differently to things that she never had a reaction to before. Hormones, menopause, so on and so on. The only way to be sure is to go to a doctor that specializes in that kind of stuff. I wish you luck.

Allergies to food can occur even if you had the particular food a lot. Food allergy is the result of your immune system’s misdirected reaction to food substances, most commonly proteins. This type of allergy affects about one to two percent of adults (allergic to foods or food additives)

try some of these treatments I found from my source:

â—Ź Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) - A common antihistamine

â—Ź Corticosteroid - Reduces swelling and various symptoms of allergic reactions. A cream/ointment may be given for skin reactions

The most common "sudden" symptoms of food allergy are hives (large "bumps" on the skin), swelling, itchy skin, itchiness or tingling in the mouth, a metallic taste in the mouth, coughing, trouble breathing or wheezing, throat tightness, diarrhea and vomiting.

I hope this helped.

kate d
The beef on the pizza will have been a processed beef with all nasty preservatives and additives in it. You can develop an allergy slowly however but i would say its the preservatives/additives, not the beef she is allergic to.

P.S. I agree with Chadchad, who gave the best advice. Stop eating beef. Why tempt fate.

she sounds allergic!!
I would suggest she take a visit to a doctor/allergist...it could be the ground beef itself or some common ingredient put into/on it.

Jay B
omg your poor mother. good luck!! xx

it can happen

First of all, are you sure it is the beef? Is there breading in the ground beef or any other additives? Same thing with the roast beef on the pizza. That is hard to tell because you have the pizza crust, seasonings on both the pizza and roast beef. But if she is having throat reactions, then she needs to stop eating it now and maybe needs an Epipen in case her throat closes up. I developed hives in my 40s and it turned out it was from gluten from wheat, rye and Barley products. Quit eating them and my hives went away.

Yea, it happens

People become allergic to somethings they weren't allergic to when they were younger, and vice versa... i think

She may have actually been mildly allergic to beef her entire life and displayed symptoms that she didn't connect to the allergy..such as headache, rash, stomache-ache, throat tickle, or even just an acne breakout, or boils on her back. The allergy has become increasingly worse with time and now she should avoid eating it entirely. If she continues to eat it, the problem may become worse and allergy's can result in death. I had this happen with all milk products. I had drank milk and eaten dairy products my entire life. My only symptom was boils that would come up on my back, but I never once connected the boils to a milk allergy. Then in my 30's I started getting huge quarter size hives all over my entire body everytime I ate anything dairy and my tongue and lips would swell. My eyes would itch. It was horrid. When I went completely off all dairy I also stopped breaking out in boils on my back.

She needs to stop eating beef.

It is possible to develop allergies at any age. Allergies come and go inexplicably.

Food allergies have the potential to be very severe. Stop testing out the foods you think cause reactions and stay away from beef all together.

Food allergies also have the potential to be so bad that even coming in contact with a food can cause major swelling and/or hives. Be careful! See a doctor if you can.

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