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 After you use the epi-pen do I still need to call 911?
I am deadly allergic to bees and last summer I got stung and my tounge swelled and I got real pale and hard a very hard time breathing. We called 911 and they said that my reaction was severe. I ...

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Does this mean I am intolerant to it?

What can I have instead, as an ...

 Food Allergies : : Do You Or Does Any One In Your Family Have Any Food Allergies ?

Generally at what age-range mosT people suffer from these allergies?

Are they Curable ?

Any Peculiar Allergies that you have ever come across ?


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 What is your particular allergy? Got any?

 Itchy eyes?
know any home remedies?
i need some help.
- dont say sleep, medicine, creams, or anything i wouldnt have right now.

thanks :)...

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After an hour or so it goes and I sometimes take anti-allergy tablets which usually ...

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 What foods should nut allergic people avoid?

 Why do i wake up with a runny nose every morning?
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because thats what lance from n sync ...

Mary C
Are you allergic to certain foods?
What are your allergic reactions?

My son is allergic to eggs, milk, carrots, nuts, and still being tested for other foods that we are not clear about. He is only 2 and aside form the skin rashes, itching and neurodermatitis, once he had an anaphylaxis reaction when he eat a cookie that had various of the allergy inducing ingredients.
The sad thing is that we did not detect most of his allergies until recently. He was tested at 5 months but given his young age and immature immune system the results were unreliable, he tested for example negative to egg and he is deadly allergic to it! And for 10 months that he consumed many things he is allergic to, he now has some developmental delays. As soon as we placed him in a strict diet, within a week he made great strides! In three weeks, he went from not speaking a word to saying now several words in English, Spanish and German. (We live in Europe and speak these three languages at home.) His speech is still quite delayed but we are hopeful now!

I have what is called oral allergy syndrome - raw fruits and vegetables (almost all of them, some worse than others) cause my lips, gums and palate to itch and swell. They say this is realted to my allergies to certain trees and grasses. Best thing to do if you have food allergies of any kind is to avoid that food/drink.

My mother is allergice to quite a lot of things.
For example- Raw carrots- throat swells, hives, feeling unwell

wheat. but food ALLERGIES don't always give you reactions that you notice. if you suspect you are allergic to something, do a rotation diet to see. TOTALLY eliminate the food you think you are allergic to for a week. (that means you have to be careful to read ingredients. food manufacturers sneak things in all the time) then, when a week is over, eat a crap load of the food you've been avoiding. see how you feel. i did this with wheat. the day i was to eat it, when i did i got headaches, nausea, i felt tired and groggy and overall like crap. but those symptoms had been lessened because it was always in my system. it took completely clearing it out of my system and re-introducing it to really notice them. good luck.

♥ innocence
to dust and small particles.

I am allergic to dairy products and start vomitting violently when I have any. I also have food sensitivities to corn and eggs, they make me bloat really bad and give me stomach pain.

I have anaphylaxis which is a life threatening allergy, my anaphylaxis is caused by peanuts, cashews, strawberry and latex. Have had the peanut and Soy allergy for over 20 years now. Anaphylactic reaction is the worst by far, I swell up, my skin feels like it is about to split open, turns blue, tongue swells, throat closes up then heart stops. Often causes hives too so all I want to do is have a cold shower.
I am also allergic to all other nuts, peas, beans, corn, grape, banana, kiwi fruit, MSG and a few other food additives. These allergies cause severe hives, often breathing difficulties and feel nauseated.
Recently my allergist has discovered I am developing an allergy to eggs, almost unheard of in adults generally only happens to children. I also have an intolerance to gluten and dairy.

I am allergic to honey, cherries, turkey, chicken and eggs. These foods give me severe diarrhea for three days. I am also allergic to caffiene. It makes my heart act up the next day. One cup of tea is too much. I used to be allergic to raw fruits and vegetables. Technicallly it was a contact dermatitis, I did not have to swallow the food to have a reaction. These foods made me break out in a rash if I touched them. After having allergy desensitation shots for five years my allergy to raw fruits and vegetables went away.

Strawberries I get big hives that Itch real bad.

I have troubles with dairy.
When I have it, my throat gets congested and I have the urge to cough. When I do cough too hard, I get hiccups.
I limit the dairy also can take lactose pills to help ease the symptoms.

the only food i am allergic to is cream cheese it makes me break out and puke

No foods...just allergic to dust, i get all itchy

shellfish. lungs tighten up and have trouble breathing. could actually die from this.

Strawberries and milk.

With milk I just get a slight stomachache.

With strawberries my throat closes and I try to vomit. The first (and only) time I tried strawberries (without knowing that it was in a cake) I nearly died. I still have the scar on the neck. However, I am still alive today!

A friend of mine was so allergic to fish in high school that if the school was making fish that day he had to go home. He stopped breathing if he even smelled the stuff.

No im not alllergic to anything but my bf is allergic to pineapple

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