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 Coughing fits related to allergies?
My husband has allergies and most of the time it's just the typical symptoms...runny nose, itchy, watery eyes. Well about 2 weeks ago now he's started going into these really bad coughing ...

 Have you tried not close your eyes when you sneeze?
I want to let you know that's impossible....

 Is there a way to make stuffy noses, well not stuffy?
and medicine isn't working, and don't even say nasal spray!! LOL...

 Wut r u allergic to?

 What food is the leading source of salmonella poisoning?

 Why does my nose clog up when I'm not moving?
I have allergies but are they supposed to do ...

 What are these Itchy bumps?(with pictures)?
Last night my sister and i Ordered take out and i was eating my food and i took a bite of her chicken and what seemed like immediately after i got these very itch red bumps that look like mosquito ...

 Food Question......?
I have allergies and I am allergic to acetic acid (vinegar) can you please tell me which foods have acetic acid in them....like bananas or tomatoes etc.......thanks!...

 Allergic to Alcohol?
i am a 19 year old girl and i think i have a minor alergy to alcohol. for example when i drink beer my whole mouth including my tongue and throat go numb and i feel intoxicated when i havent had that ...

 Is there vitamin D in unnatrual light???
There is vitamin D in natural light such as the 'sun' but is there Vitamin D in unatural light????
Additional Details

 My son is 12 months old suffers from Eczheimer my problem is there always milk and wheat in baby food.?

 Can drug / other allergies produce a small LOCALIZED rash?
Ok, so i have a small, mild, hard to see rash on my left forearm, on the inside. It itches, but not horribly. Its a lot of teeny tiny bumps really close together and hard to see unless in the right ...

 What will happen if you have an allergy to eggs?
My daughter is 14 months and had eggs for the 1st time tonight. She threw up an hour later. Could she be allergic? I expected hives with an allergy....

 What are the symptoms of food allergy?

 Is this normal when you have allergies?
It feels like I have a small headache, but only behind my left eye.

It's been going on and off for about a week now.
It usually goes away with allergy medicine, but comes back ...

 I need suggestions for my daughters coughing.?
She has allergies and asthma. We have been to the doctor but still can't find anything to stop her coughing. my poor girl is 3yr. old and is on singulair, Nasonex, Alavert and 2 nebulizer ...

 How can i live with cats if i'm allergic?

 What is the best otc allergy med for occassional attacks?
my doc wrote me an rx but i never filled it. i am wondering if there is anything cheaper like otc that works well and no bad side effects. i have had some that made me feel very strange....

 Doesw battery acid make good eyedrops?

 My Eyes Are Red?
My eyes are always red. Is that healthy? How do I change them to white?...

Are there any permanent cures for Allergies?
If you google search it, you will find numerous (sponsored) results

Does anyone know whether any of these are effective... I mean for food or seasonal or pet or any allergy… Just curious


Most of the allergies are waterborne and can be avoided if you have the right water treatment system at home.

There are many cases who have benefitted from the use of the correct NSF certified water treatment system.

E-spring is one of them, let me know if you need any further information.

Aussie Nurse
i have heard of experimental treatments in the uk using worms (thats right worms that live in your gut!!) it distracts or occupies IgE antibodies and eosinophils - both seem to play a role in allergies but also thier normal job is to attack parasites (worms fit nicely into this category - they aren't the bad worms that hurt i believe) - these have mostly been eliminated in western culture! weird huh?

never seen this confirmed or used + i haven't reviewed any research articles so don't quote me

Not that I know of. Just stay away from whatever it is that you are allergic to.

I don't think there is permanent cures for allergies, but you can get an allergy shot to help get rid of it for awhile.
I just got one a month or two ago and it seems to be working.

The closest cure is allergy desensitation shots. They give you a tiny extract of the pollen to which you are allergic and slowly over several years increase the dosage. It is effective, but it may take up to five years to get rid of your allergies.

Karin H
There is no cure, but there is treatment. My doctor prescribed an allergy shot, which has helped minimize the number of times I get my allergies

David G G
chuck norris's tears cure all allergies but he never cries.. just kidding certain types of acupuncture can help depend on what your allergic too you can receive a couple of low dose shots to build up immunity

Allergies are considered autoimmune. There is currently no cure for any autoimmune disease, only treatment.I personally would not try something on a sponsored link.here is a reliable link with facts.

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