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 If anything, what are U allergic to?
Me, I don't know but everytime the weather gets crazy my nose stops up....

 Can you get diaria from eye drops if you drink them?

 Fruit allergy??
i notice that whenever i eat (most) fresh fruits i get an itchy and uncomfortable feeling in my throat when i swallow. i also get tightness, itching, and ulcers on my lips. (all symptoms pass within ...

 Is it possible to get an allergy to cats late in life after years of no allergies to cats?
I've been having a congestion/cold I can't get rid of. Antibiotics don't work. I don't have a fever or body aches, just incessant congestion and sometimes coughing. I have two ...

 Deathly allergy to chicken?
im deathly alergic to chicken, i cant have ANYTHING at all, not even chicken salt, if i do i get hives in my throat and cant breath, the reaction kicks in about 1 minute after eating it, then i have 5...

 Why do my allergies go away when I go outdoors?
I've had allergies for the past couple of days (in fact, everyone in my family has). I'm pretty sure it's because we got alot of snow a couple weeks ago and it hasn't melted yet. I...

 A doctor told a friend of mine to avoid eating watermelons, tangerines, mangosteens and mushrooms. Why?

 I'm allergic to rabbit fur?
is there anything I can do to prevent the swollen red eyes, sneezing and itchy chin so enable me to get the rabbits in and out of their run! it drives me mad....

 9 year old son developed a skin rash 48 hrs after penicillin injection for strep. should we be concerned?

 Lactose intolerance?
If you're lactose intolerant, does that mean that whenever you eat dairy, your body can't digest it properly, so you don't absorb the calories and nutrients and protein from it? Or do ...

 10 pnts...Have you ever heard of a processed food...?
Allergy? My friend says everytime her daughter eats lunch meat, or hot dogs she gets out of control hyper. She took her to the drs. and he said that the chemicals in the lunch meat and hot dogs has ...

 Im allergic!!!!!!! help me please?
ok guys i have a seriouse deadly question and im scared so sum 1 plrease really help me with this im allergic to purple grapes but i love green grapes and im not allergic to green grapes but i really ...

 What are bogeys made of??

Additional Details
what causes makes the mucus and ...

 What are you allergic to?
i have...a lot of allergies, to say the least.
pollen, dust, ragweed, and all that good stuff and i am also very allergic to certain types of fruit.
what about you?
have you actually ...

 What can i do to have a smooth face? i have rashes and white heads on my face.?
this rashes seem to be results of allegic reaction to some spices in food or as a result of changing my face cream and soap, nothing i used seemed to work. if i discontinue the use of my facial cream ...

 Alergies,please help?
I have allergies. I take Alegra & Flonase,but it's my eyes that are burning & feel dirty. I tryed 3 different eye drops,& a wet cloth. It was a bit cold here a few days ago,but the ...

 Painful allergic reaction on hands, dry and cracking skin. Help!!!?
It's some hives, but if I move my hands much at all the parts where the skin cracked hurts. (the reaction is only on the backs of my hands and wrists) It feels a little hot to the touch and dry, ...

 Do you need to wear a medic alert bracelet if you're allergic to penecillin?

 What is the cure for allergic rhinitis and chronic pharyngitis ? Is there an ayurvedic or herbal remedy ?
I am suffering from sore throat, chronic allergic rhinitis(running nose and multiple sneezes), cold intolerance and goitre since last 25 years. I am also suffering from osteoporosis, sciatica and ...

 I dont know why i keep having annoying itches everywhere then it turns into raised hives everywhere ?

break dance not hearts (:
Allergy to snow?
can you be allergic to snow without being allergic to rain/water?
Additional Details
Im not allergic but my friend said her boyfriend is and i thought it was a bit strange

Judie S
My two year old granddaughter and her family recently moved to the Ohio Valley Region of the nation from Florida. Last week she broke out in a rash all over her body. They have made 2 trips to the ER and one to the pediatrition, and still she has the rash after all kinds of medications. The pediatritian says it could be the residual of a strand of flu or it could be an allergic reaction. Nothing in her diet, surroundings, soap or anything like that has changed. The third reason the doctor sited was the snow and cold. Since she has always lived in a warm climate, she may actually be allergic to the snow. Doctor said they had a similiar case a few days ago with a little 4 year old boy who just moved here from Florida. Said that there is something in the air when it snows that some people are allergic to. If her rash does not clear by the end of the week they are going to send her to a Children's Hosp. for testing. So to answer your question, according to the doctor there is a possibilty that one can be allergic to anything.

Fish <&gt;<
Never heard of anyone being allergic to snow.

he could be alergic to the high humity in the wearther when it snows. the air gets thick with moister so his alergeys could get bad because of he moister in the air when it snow.

Snow is basically water & I don't think it's possible to be allergic to water. Especially since water is essential to life.
I think your friend's b/f is having a reaction to something in the snow, not to the snow itself. Snow picks up a lot of airborne dust & pollutants as it falls. So, if an especially sensitive person were to eat it, it could cause some kind of reaction.
However, there are documented cases where people have had allergic-type reactions following exposure to cold. That's another possibility.

i,m here if you need to talk.
there is only one girl in the world that is allergic to water and snow is water so there would have to be something in the snow. to make you feel that way.

no there the same stuff. except snow is frozen

Sounds like a crock of bull. Snow is frozen rain. Unless he is allergic to water I doubt if he's allergic to snow. Sounds to me that he is allergic to picking up a shovel.

snow brings low humidity which can be irritating to the mucous membranes.

Snow has time to collect pollutants as it falls so I guess its possible

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