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Mrs. B <3
Allergic reaction to HAIR DYE?
About two years ago I decided I was going back to my natural color and staying there. Just recently I decided I was finally going to go back to coloring it a little darker of a brown. I bought the exact same color treatment I have always used. It's clairol nice'n easy in "Light Ash Brown". I didn't do a test strand because I've used it so many times without any problems.

Well after I used it my scalp itched like crazy! Then about 2 hours later my neck started to itch and I got red little bumps in small spots on my neck. I put a differnt shirt on sense it seemed to happen right where my shirt was rubbing, took another shower to wash my hair again and put it up in a pony tail out of my face. This morning I woke up and washed my face. I didn't notice my eye until I got out of the shower.

MY LEFT EYE LID IS SO BIG!!!! It doesn't itch or tingle, I have no shortness of breath, my throats not closing up or anything it's just a skin reaction.
Additional Details
I called a pharmacist and she just told me to talk to my doctor. Problem is I'm not from around here, I just moved here and I dont have a doctor and any insurance!

My hair stylist friend said maybe use Benydryl(sp?) would that help at all?

I washed my hair AGAIN after I saw my eye but I'm just worried it's going to get a lot worse and I cant afford an ER visit. I could seriously cry right now if my eyes weren't so irritated!

Also it's not in the actual eye just the top eye lid.

Wanna know the most ironic part? I decided to color my hair for my engagment pictures which are this SATURDAY!!! Yeah I'll look lovely!

Any suggestions on how to fix this without a doctor? Any one else gone through this too? What did you do? How long did it take to go away? Why did it all the sudden do this to me when I've used this product before?


P.S. Tried to call 1-800-CLAIROL and it wont go through it hangs up on me everytime!

I pray you are okay.

Please call the hospital and ask for the nurses' station or free advice hotline.

Or get a ride to the ER if you are still ailing. Fast! Don't waste time!

Maurxwinter .
Benydryl(sp) to lessen allergic reaction
Ice to reduce swelling.
20min on 20min off for ice

Hon, personally speaking (I have bad allergies and work in a medical office) you HAVE to get treated for this by either a physician or in the ER. Why...because your reaction can worsen if not properly treated and believe me, you do not want that to happen. If you decide to go to the hospital they can and will work out a payment plan for you in the hospital billing office but obviously going to the doctor is just cheaper and more expedient. Please for the sake of your own well being go to see a medical professional. Good luck!

Benadryl will def. help for now. Get on finding a doctor !!

Answer Fairy
Our body chemistry changes as we get older.

Yes, a benedryll is exactly what you need.

Put a cold washcloth over your eyes and relax. Stressing out is causing more blood to rush to your face and that's going to bother your eye even more. So, take a pill, lie down for a few hours with the cold washcloth. If taking the benedryll as instructed on the bottle (DO NOT over do) doesn't work in two days, then screw your financial situation and go see a doctor. Start looking around for clinics in your area. Doctor's on Duty are pretty good. You don't need to go to the ER. Go see a clinic first. Might just need a little prescription. No big deal.

You'll be okay. I've had allergic reactions like this before. Sure, you look like Frankenstein, but the benedryll and cold washcloth helps a LOT. By tomorrow, you should see some big improvement.

Take some Benadryl and put an ice pack on it. In the meantime, if you can't get through to the Clairol number, try a number from another hair color brand with a similar product, or call your local poison control center. If it doesn't go down soon, you must go to the doctor. I know you don't have insurance now but you can't worry about that. Find a free clinic or local charity hospital if you must. This is your eye you're talking about. Better safe than sorry.

Hope it's OK!

Try the Benedryl....it'll work.

Just talked to my husband who had a similar experience out on the lake fishing....his tongue swelled, eyes swelled....it was awful. The druggist had him take Loratadine, the same ingredient in Claritin. Get to the drug store and get some. It worked pretty quickly.

You probably shouldn't use hair dye any more...the next reaction could be worse. Hope this helps.

Benadryl will help, but you do need to see your doctor. The companies always change the formulas so you always need to do a test strand.

I would go to a walk in clinic, it could get alot worse. Do the strand and skin test. Sorry, this is terrible. You have got to get it together before saturday. There are alot of clinics that will work with you on payment.

get some insurance too.

i've had that happen to my eye's numerous times because i'm allergic to everything! take a Benadryl. it will go away. i can't guarantee everything will be fine by saturday but i've never had a reaction last over 2, 3 days max. unless you do feel any chest tightness or shortness of breath i wouldn't worry. it will pass. best wishes

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