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 Milk Allergy?
Does a milk allergy cause constipation? My son who just turned one has chronic constipation. He eats great (prunes, green veggies) and drinks both juice and water daily. His pediatrition just ...

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Please tell me all of the symptoms. I havent been allergic, and i just got a cat yesterday, but im kinda worried. PLEASE HELP ME AND TELL ME THE SYMPTOMS. ALL OF THEM. thanks.
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I haven't drunk alcohol for several years now as I am worried about the effect it has on me. Even when I did drink I rarely drank more than 1 glass. The problem is that every time I drink ...

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 Can exposing a new born to something cause them to be allergic to it later in life?
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 I think i have a food allergy to brad whenever i eat it my skin on my stomach feels itchy does anyone else get
this? i also feel like i need to go to sleep afterwards
Additional Details
oops sorry i meant BREAD ...

 Do I have a food allergy?
I don't know if I have a food allergy or if it's just psychosomatic. But 9/10 times when I have seafood (of any kind) I get sick. Like, throwing up and stuff. But I'm wondering if that&...

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 What med can I take to stop heavy bronchial cough?
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 Allergy question?
Hi everyone, hope you're having a good day.
As most of my friends on here know I had a servere allergic reaction, not the type where your throat closes up & you can't breath. I had ...

 Why could the tip of my nose be sensitive?

 My throat is sore and dry will chewing gum help at all?
we have no livesavers or throat lozenges so if i chewed orbit sugarfree gum, could this help?
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if not, what will? i dont like tea and i dont even think we have any ...

 Sick after eating left out cooked chicken??
My daughter ate cooked chicken that was left out for 8 hours. It had been refrigerated prior and was left out in an air conditioned home. Do you think she will be ill and if so, how soon? Not ...

 Nuts and coconuts?
My daughters school is nut free. Can she still bring coconut? I am confused because I think it's a fruit. She is in love with it and keeps asking to bring it

Please help!!!...

 My son has a rash of very dry skin what should i do?
my 10 month old had very dry patchs that are crusty like and scabby i have bine putting lotion on everyday but its still not gone and they are turning more in to scabs is there someing wrong with my ...

 What can I take for my allergies that will actually work?
claritin definitely doesn't work and neither does benadryl for me, what else should I try....

Allergic reaction from tanning bed?
I've never had a problem with using tanning beds - ever - but last night I went tanning for maybe the second time all month (i go rarely... just a few times a month to keep up a base tan) and I broke out in a heavy red rash rash on my legs. It was very blotchy... pale and red patches all over. It was scary, but it went away within a few hours. Has anyone every heard of this? The only medication I'm on is Advair for my asthma.

Any information you can offer will be helpful!

Thanks a bunch! :)

(PS - I know tanning is bad for your skin, but I'm going to do it anyway so save the lectures please!!!) :)

Maybe the bed was not cleaned properly, allot of people are in there. Clean it yourself real good before you go in.

Life is Beautiful.
You might have sun poisoning. That happened to me before. I got a rash on my chest. BUT if you use a sun tan lotion with *tingle* thatll make you wanna rip your skin off if youre not used to it!

Not who you think ....
I don't think its a reaction as in allergy I think its the way the skin reacts to the tanning when you aren't used to it!

Um.... well if you're allergic then maybe you shouldn't tan?

Full of Opinions
Maybe cut off the "fake bake" for a while and see what that does. It might have been from the tanning bed itself. Let the owner or manager know so they can tell you. Also, you could call your doctor and tell him/her. Hope it stops!

Maybe an allergy to the bed cleanser.

Shelly M
Your advair will cause a sun sensitivity rash. Take some benedryl to clear it up after you tan.

yes Its usually from a tingle lotion it happens to allot of people what kinda lotion were u using.. if you were not using a tingle it could possibly mean the bed still had some residue from some one Elses tingle... although that does not mean the bed was not clean.. tingles are hard to remove

Did you use any tanning lotion? I am allergic to the lotion that has the "tingle" in it.

Thats what happens when I got into a stand up bed. I think its your skin starting to get a sunburn, you may have been in for too long, or the bulbs were just changed and they were very strong.

If your scared of this happening again then go in for a few less minutes, or as soon as you start to feel an unpleasant sensation on your skin, get out.

If it does happen again, then moisturize heavily asap!

Getting burned from a tanning bed is quite serious and EXTREMELY painful!! be careful!

Best of Luck

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