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 My husband is having a severe allergic reaction?
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 Can you identify my allergic reaction , and even help me treat or cure it?
Well it all started yesterday morning when I got up and looked in the bathroom mirror and saw my left eyelid wad swollen but only a tad. then I had noticed a rash on my neck. Then more into the day ...

 Why does your nose run when it's cold outside, even when you're not sick?

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 POLL for women TTC...?
Do you suffer from Allergies? Seasonal, hay fever, airborne, enviromental, etc...?

I am trying to see if there is a correlation between allergy sufferers & infertility. PLease help me ...

luan s
A person suffering from continuous cold and cough due to allergy, can you suggest a home remedy?

Cough is caused by a number of ailments.
It can be treated by over the counter medicines
or home remedies. More information available
at http://ailments.in/cough.html

Allergy may very well be behind your cough, and your continuous cough could be more than just a cough. It could be asthma. If it goes on untreated, you lungs may become damaged.
Another possibility, is acid-reflux, it can cause coughing, too.

Home remedy? Sometimes moving to a different climate can be a real blessing for your allergies.

go to the allergie docter and see what you are allergic to so he can suggjest some med. life i did they gave me zertec

If you have a continuous cough, you really need to stay away from cold drinks because the cold liquids aggravate the cough. As for home remedies for allergies, I am unsure. I have allergies and purchase the generic target brand Claritin, it really helps.

drink hot tea and when you feel really bad put your face near steaming water it will help and coat your throat with syrup or honey

Lost In Translation
Ok boiled some water, add one spoon of honey and squezze a lime and a bag of tea. Drink it as hot as you can possible can.

Get started on allergy shots to help out. Also get rid of all your toxic cleaning products and laundry products as many are registered pesticides. Switch to all natural products and then take all your old stuff to your nearest Toxic waste recycling plant for disoposal. Clean everything in your house including the furniture and carpet with the new products. Be sure you have air purifiers through out your house.

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