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 Did you know this about Altoids?
I know many people suffer from Peanut and Tree Nut allergies. I often check products online to make sure they are safe for me to consume. I contacted Altoids and asked about the risk of nut traces ...

 Why after drinking red wine do i sneeze and my nose run?

 What happens if you take too many benadryl?
what are the side affects and is it dangerous?
Additional Details
i just had an allergic reaction and i took two but i was wondering if i should take more?...

 Are lots of people allergic to penicillin?are you?
please tell me what kind of food isn't good for people who are allergic to it.
Additional Details
i know it isn't food!!
i was just wondering if i could be ...

 Latex allergy--balloons?
I am getting married next summer and plan to use latex balloons as part of the reception decorations. A balloon archway to walk through, balloons in the dance floor area, pretty much all around.

 My 1yr. old baby have asthma,will it be cured?
want my son to be cure for his asthma,is there any possibility that he will be cured?...

 After eating raw tomato my tongue feels like its on fire and little sores bloom all over it its painful why?
the same thing happens when I eat lemons,citrus fruit,pineapple or grape juice welts form on my tongue and it feels like its burning!...

 I need advice for allergies.....i have to take claritin d like everyday?
i bought air filters,,,,but i still have bad bad nasal congestion....i have tried otc nosespray and claritin what else can i do...please ...

 What is the best allergy medicine without side effects?
i dont like some of the ones ive tried because they either make me drowsy or jittery. my allergies are mainly indoor...dust, cats... but also some outdoor too....

 What can i do to make my ALLERGY EYES go away?
My allergies are unbearable this time of year! I'm taking Claritin and Singulair which help control my asthma, watering eyes, and runny nose but my eyes are still all swollen and red. They'...

 What kind of thing can cause an allergic reaction that causes hives, when one has done nothing different?
I have had no foods drink, meds (never illegal)n no change of laundry soap, or anything else. what could also cause some of the hive to turn to what looks like blisters....

 Broke nose?
if your nose breaks willl it bleed?...

 Why is that if i eat seafoods i got astma?

 I may be getting a dog, but am worried about possible allergy.?
I may be getting an assistance dog, but I have an allergy to certain dogs, but not others. I seem to be allergic to those whos hair is like a cats.
Would a Labrador or Retriever or Cross of the ...

 Allergy Question????
If you have ever had an allergy test... please tell me what the doctor did to test u?? (ex.....did u have to get poked by different needles??)...

 Swollen eyelid help!! treatment and cause?
my doctor says this is because of an allergic reaction but i want to know how to prevent it and what is its cause.
it usually starts out like i have a mosquito bite on my eyelids, then it will ...

 If I recently developed an allergy to walnuts, am I now allergic to all tree nuts?
Last night I ate some walnut fudge and had an awful allergic reaction. The doctor thinks I most likely developed an allergy to walnuts. Question is, if I'm allergic to walnuts... am I now ...

 Do i have a COLD?? or Do i have ALLERGIES???
- first my snot was clear but now its yellow
- i have a sore throat
- i went to a concert 2 days ago that was very uncomfortable and hot but i got extremley ...

 What causes fatique?

 I suffer from allergy in eyes & body during summer/rainy season in south of China with sever cold. what to do?
I have this tendency to get allergic cold three / four tims a year and now I suffer from allergy in eyes & body during summer/rainy season in south of China with sever cold. For the past 3 years ...

carol s
A daily dose of honey...does it get rid of allergies ?

laurel g
Many people believe that if you do have a daily dose of honey that is FROM YOUR AREA...........made right around your home, that you will not be so allergic. The big thing is that the honey MUST be from your area.

It does have to be from a local source and is not quick acting. Honey does help against the fatigue that comes from allergies. I noticed more help with the tiredness and fatigue than the allergy control or cure from the honey. Everyone responds differently, It might work completely for you.

Yes if it is local honey only will help, but also depends on what you are allergic to...

It might if you are not allergic to the honey.

It worked for me. You need to eat local honey though. Get it from a farmer's market or the co-op. Read the label to see where it was gathered.

This works because the pollens that make you allergic are slowly introduced to your body through your digestive system (where they won't cause allergies.) Then later when you breathe them in, your body won't react because it will recognize them as harmless.

niki girl
I've had allergies for 25 years, hasn't helped me a bit, however, I've heard it does help others sometimes. Best of luck to you...N.

Probably not. It's difficult to "get rid" of allergies.

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