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 Any tips to take care of my burn?
So on Wednesday I burned my arm with scalding water (likely in excess of 400 degrees - super heated in a 2000 degree metal tube) in about a 4" patch. Since then the flesh in the area has come ...

 What is wrong with my ellbow?
last night i was trying to give my boyfriend a piggy back ride and i lost balance and fell forward and tried to stop my fall with my hand. though my hand gave out and i think i hit my ellbow on the ...

 Would you live somewhere you didnt want to if you had free amazing health insurance?
i live in Madison, WI and i hate living here cause its cold and i live with my parents. but we have this awesome health insurance that i can keep until i'm 25 if i stay here. 10 dollar copay for ...

 How can i cover my nail that fell off?
the nail is almost all gone should i apply a fake ...

 Can a parent legally override a team physician's decision to not allow a child to participate in sports?
Can a physician block the return to play and have it legally enforced?
Additional Details
I am the certified athletic trainer of the high school. I made the decision to not allow the ...

 Whats this pain in my shoulder????
For the past few months I've been getting a really sharp pain down my left shoulder blade. At first I thought It was muscular but when Its massaged and rubbed the pain goes really deep and sharp....

 Is it a serious problem to have severe pain at a bug bite?
I got bit by a deer fly at the lake on Tuesday, and both yesterday and today the area around the bite hurts so bad I thought I had torn a ligament... what should I do?...

 Is there any scientific explanation to why kissing a "boo-boo" makes it feel better?
im one hell of a klutz... whenever i injure my arm on a door, my elbow on a chair, my hand on the corner of a table, my finger on a lock of some sort or whatever, i noticed that whenever my boyfriend ...

 Wot has happened to my knee?
whn ever i straighten my leg my knee clicks nd whn i try nd bend it clicks aswell wot could be wrong answers please??...

 I fell off my chair and have a headache in my knee...?
Ow...I need medical edvice before i ...

 Is popping your knuckles bad for you?
Hey my mom keeps getting mad at me for popping my knuckles. can you help me out?...

 Help... quickly please.....!!?
My fiance's stainless steel ring is WAY too small for him.... he put it on and cant get it off. Its been on for 5 hours and his finger is extremely swollen and purplish-red. What should we do....

 Ankle joint keeps popping??
my ankle joint and other bones in my feet keep popping, it's really uncomfortable and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any excersizes that could help reduce this?

Thanks so much!...

 I got hit by a car...?
yo is it normal that I have been hit by a car three times all about 50 km and im still alive also ive loss sensation in my abs so when i get hit in my stomach I cant feel ...

 Groin pain?
I am a 50 year old male and have been experiencing pains im my right groin since about 7 months ago. Up until Christmas I played 5-a-side football for an hour, once a week.
It all began ...

 Stiches....wanna take them out myself?
Hi, I cut my finger pretty bad last week, I have 4 stiches, and don't really have the money to get then taken out by a doctor, does any one have any advice on taking them out myself?
it ...

 I was playing flag football, and i got elbowed really really hard right above my heart/ lungs...?
it hurt alot, but the pain went away after awhile... and then the next morning, it started hurting alot whenever it was touched even the tiniest bit, and it gradually got worse... -hurts to breathe, ...

 Do you get a cast for sprained things?
Three days I tripped and fell on my ankle and I thought I just twisted it and have been staying off it and icing it. The next day it hurt even WORSE, and my friend's dad who is an EMT told me ...

Additional Details

 My nose has been dry and it is really painful, help?
You know how when you get a cold and if your blowing it a lot it can get really sore? Well I had a cold a few weeks ago and the sores have not gone away. Really hard mucus collects it my nose and ...

Which bone should I break and easiest way?
Hypothetically speaking if a soldier serving in Iraq was to have leave and did not want to return to a war zone and had the idea of breaking one of his bones, what bone would be the easiest to break and least painful way to do it. hypothetically of course, and there will lots of alchol involved hypothetically. which break would not leave the most long term effect

sharon w
Your question is an insult to all of the "true heroes" that make-up the military that are or have served this country.And to the the heroes that keep the criminals away from your door,the brave men & women who put out the fires,and will risk their lives to get your drunk *** out of a crashed car,and stop your bleeding to death,and last but not least the heroes who will take care ofyour dumb *** at the hospital's and trauma center's,to try to salvage your pitiful life. Grow up, you sound like a fool! SW RNP

i think...arm...?.....leg....?....wrist maybe..toe? lol pinki

Your leg???

they all would hurt and plus if the government thought it was done intentionally (alcohol makes people forget their story) it would mean probably a court marshall and a trip to Leavenworth for derliction of duty and damaging government property

thirsty mind
Any bone in the top of your foot.

eww. probably a finger or toe, tho.

Kipper to the CUP!

go fall down the stairs and break your leg
i think the eaiset bone to break is your collar bone
I broke mine in soccer when a girl stepped on it, but i know someone who fell off the couch and broke theirs haha. you can't move your upper body much at all with a broken collar bone
hell why don't you just break your neck, then you can't move your legs or your arms but then theres that long term effect.

The clavicle (collarbone) is probably easiest to break and not that painful, but it may not be enough to keep you out. Blunt force would be the best way for that, but one should be careful because a dislocation rather than break would hurt like hell.

A rib is also easy, but you'd hypothetically have a chance of puncturing a lung.

An ankle injury would be sure to keep you out because you wouldn't hypothetically be able to walk. Someone could try jumping off of something and land with his/her ankle bent which could cause some lasting damage.

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