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Hi :D
What triggers asthma attacks in the winter?
my son has asthma and i am worried for him

cold air and allergens in the house...

Dust and dirt in the heater ducts. Dust around the house.

Cold air can cause attacks too.

I have Asthma too. I have the most attacks in the wintertime from the heater running.

I haven't quite figured it out, but I have suffered for years...around Feb each year I get sick. I swear it is the Christmas tree pollen that accumulates in the air after people throw out their dead trees. I'm allergic to cedar. Also, the heat inside the house in the winter kills me...for me, it's better to keep it around 69 degrees and put on extra clothes. I get asthmatic around things that I'm very allergic too - dust, cats, pollen, horses.

Aaron E
the cold air ...especially if they do physical activity and breath the cold air throught there mouth

Lots of things. Exercise, allergies, food, and smoke.

it is mostly cold dry air which can cause coughing or bring it on directly. If he has an inhaler with him and knows how to take care of himself its fine.

Matt A
Asthma can be triggered by many things. What triggers it for one person may not trigger it for another. In the winter the most common triggers (that doesn't happen all year) are cold air and dry air. Or even both. If you have a cold air trigger, try wrapping a scarf around your nose and mouth when going outside. If you have a dry air trigger, try a humidifier in your house especially at night.

You best bet is to speak to an asthma educator. Call you local health dept or hospital and ask if they have a contact number for one in your area. Ask for one with the AE-C credential on his name or record. Good luck

Cold air and indoor allergens.

A lot of it may be from the toxic cleaning products you use in your home. Most are registered pesticides. Switch to all natural cleaning products and laundry products and take your old products to your nearsest toxic waste recycling place to dispose of the old products. Once you switch have him stay at a friends house while you clean everything in the house and shampoo the carpets and furninture with the new products and wash all his clothes in the new stuff. Once he is back home be sure he takes a good mulitvitamin and antioxidant supplement. In the winter he is inside more because of the winter weather so he is more exposed to all the toxic cleaners you use causing an increase in his asthma.

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