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 Help. I think I have AIDS?

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 When do you know?
Hi everyone,

When do you know when you have any kind of STD what are the side effects? And is there any kind of cure? does it just go away over time? or are you stuck with it for the rest ...

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 Confused about std tests?
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I'm just wonderin...I got into AIDS, I really think it's something interesting....

 What is it like to have HIV or AIDS...?
What is it like to have HIV or AIDS...?

What were the first signs ...?

I will not discriminate or hate, I'm dealing with some problems, I need guidance... Help......

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 Can you have herpes for years before your first outbreak ?
Me and my girl have been together for five years. She just found out she has herpes from an outbreak with all the signs, swollen glands and sores and feeling ill. And then another outbreak about two ...

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 Can you get diseases from sharing the same water bottle?

What is the most # of years you can carry herpes virus and not know you have it or who gave it to you.....?
could you have it for 9 years and never know it? or would it have erupted or been found out before then thanks

Most likely no,but that does not neccessarily mean it cant happen.It could be that you may have had an outbreak before but it was not as serious as the one now.I would look back @ 6 months or less.That should give you a pretty good idea,but def. check with a doctor.Good Luck.

Honestly you can carry the virus for your whole life .. be asyptomatic.. meaning u have no symptoms and still have the virus... but usually takes abouut anywhere from 3 months to 10 years for the virus to beome active and degrade your body slowly but surely ... which means is you have any suspicion of having the virus... you should get checked immediately!! that way if you have the virus the living with the virus could be somewhat easier.. if you had not detected it earlier.

yes you could have it your hole life and never no it, most of the time you will only have out breaks when your immune system is low or stress and really the only time you can spread it is when your having a out break

I've had herpes for 5yrs now and honestly I've only had like 5 outbreaks, 1 a yr. So, I am sure there are people that dont get any outbreaks or they do and they mistaken it with a pimple. I don't know about 9yrs thats a long time but, then again anything is possible. Good luck!

take awild guess
yes you can have it for 9 yrs,some people have it and have never had an outbreak

you can have it and never have an outbreak so you wouldn't ever know.

If one has not been tested for it, and has had no breakouts, one could theoretically carry the virus indefinitely without knowing it.

People can have one outbreak and never have another, but still transmit it to someone else. So, yes - someone could not know they had it - ever.

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