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 I work with a heavy smoking boss,told him how i feel abt 2ndhand smoke,bt jst ignored, wat's best to do nxt?

 Why do little tiny cuts hurt so much!!!!!?
just cut my thumb (not sure how i did it-was either glass or paper) why do silly little cuts hurt so much!!!!!!!
Additional Details
i am aware that there are also the most nerve endings ...

 How do u not get bit by mosquitos?
I used repelent but it just wares off and i get really allergic to the bites so i need a way to not get bit...any ideas??...

 How does one stop biting their nails?

 I got stung by a wasp 2 days ago and it is still sore and itchy.?
everyone says I should have been able to remove the stinger but I thought wasp didn't leave a sting only bees - is it possible that it still hurts because the sting is in my finger. How do I get ...

 Has anyone ever performed CPR or has it performed on them?
tell me the ...

 I smoke about 1 pack in 2 days for 7 years if i quit now will my heart and lungs repair them self at all?
im trying to find out the health benifits of quiting smoking... or if because i have smoked for so long it's to late the damage is already done......

 I've got some serious rug burn!!! How to make it feel better?
Its been stinging for almost a day!

What or is there anything I can do to help it stop?!
Additional Details

 What works better?
when you have the hik up'swhat works better breathing in and out or holding your breath? ~.~...

 Burned my finger on the BBQ, how do i stop the burning????
keeps throbbing , and cant take it out of the ice water for more than 30 seconds....

 Can precum cuase pregnancy?

 My g'ma is'nt felling sogood right now can someone plz help me find a cure for this bug asap?
she's been vometing since 6.and she is dizzy consantly.can't keep anything down eccept water. does any one have a remedy or suggestions?
Additional Details
and she just said ...

 Burnt Finger?
I burnt my finger like an hour ago. I was cooking noodles and the boiling water spilt all over my finger. Its all puffy and red. I tryd putting ice on it but it still hurts.Then I put some of this M...

 Any one here bite there toe nails or there nails tell they hurt?
I have a friend who bites here fingernails and toe nails dose any one else do this a lot she also picks her toe nails tell they bleed is she the only person in the world that dose it or is there any ...

 Can people cope in life without antidepressants?

 When to use peroxide over alcohol?
what the diference peroxide and ...

 Why do I sneeze repeatedly when I get out of the shower?

 Is it best to be to be nude when getting a full body massage?

Additional Details
to the females answering this question, do you prefer a male or female doing the massage. I have been told that a male does a better massage, but you re more ...

 Do girls master bite?

 Rubbing alcohol safe for smelling?
Is rubbing alcohol safe for smelling when you feel like fainting. Will it help not to faint, or will it make it worsed?...

What is the best way to get glass out of your foot?

Additional Details
This is fiberglass from filter

Mariam A
go to a doctor daaaa there's nothing else u can do?????

Marianne T
Soak your foot in warm water with Epsom Salts added. Soak it for about a half hour. Just watch TV and relax. After the half hour, pat your foot dry and see if you can grab any piece of the glass with a tweezer. If it is a big piece and it is deep under the skin, you will likely have to get professional medical help. If you are able to get it out, press on the area, and make it bleed to get the germs out. Then, wash carefully, pat dry and then put on some Neosporin or other ointment. Cover with a loose bandage.

♥ hello_kitty_xoxo ♥
soak it in epsinon salk and the hottest water you can stand soak for about 10 minutes then squeeze the festered area . If it dosen't come out the first time around do it again for another 10 minutes .

soak your foot in hot water and then have another person pull it out with a tweezer!


aspca volunteer
ewwwwww! you dont,go to your doctor and let him remove it,this is very tricky stuff.

VERY.... Carefully!

YOU... did not Specify... WHAT TYPE OF GLASS!

Glass from a Light Bulb... is much different that that of a Broken Bottle!

GET.... Some Tweezers.. and DIG IT OUT!

Clean the area by Pouring Hydrogen Peroxide... Over IT!

Apply some Neo or Poly Sporin on the site and cover with a Telfa Pad.

Repeat Daily or More IF NEEDED!

Thanks, RR

May the force be with you.
pull it out... wash it out with soap get some cotton wool and make sure you don'yt apply much pressure to it

Soak your foot in hot/warm and wash it with soap. Try to take the piece of glass out with tweezers. After you get it out put triple Antibiotic ointment and a bandaid on it.

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