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 A question on the breath you get in the morning?
is it common to get a stinky breath in the morning? does everyone get it? are there people who don't get it?

if it's common, how do live with having that breath in the morning ...

 How can i get my teeth whiter in no time without having to take a visit to the dentist?
like what are some good tooth pastes.....and other things that i can use or do to help whiten my teeth! im using advance white by arm and hammer right now....i have been usin it 4 like 3-4 days now!...

 Wisdom teeth extraction?
I have to get my impacted (unerupted) wisdom teeth out. I am 17 years old. Do I have the option of using something that numbs my jaw but doesn't make me unconscious like novacaine instead of ...

 I took tylenol and accidentally drank a swig of beer with it. Will that cause any major problems?
I had 1000 mg of tylenol and had a swig of beer (on accident) I heard that it can be bad for long term drinkers but I don't drink that much. Also, 3-4 hours before the tylenol I had taken 2 ...

 I have terrible toothache i am taking parmol pain killers can i use ibuprofen in between doses ?
the paramol wear off after 3 hours but cant take more tablets every 3 hours so have to suffer till i can next take them is taking ibuprofen in between dangerous . can anyone please help me as im ...

 Yellow teetth?
do you have suggestion for discolouration of my teeth. they are kinda yellow which i find really unattractive although i dont smoke or do any stuff. i think its natural color of my teeth. and i never ...

 Can you smell your own breath?
My girlfriend believes that if you breathe into your cupped hands and then sniff it then you can but I reckon that she's wrong. Who is right?...

 Anyone have your wisdom teeth removed? How long were you in pain?
My dentist recomended having all 4 taken out at the same time. YIKES!...

 People stare at my smile.. first I was flattered.. now it's just bothering..?
Why do they?. You see, I used to have braces, and now a week ago they took them off.
I've always taken care of my teeth, and consumed a lot of calcium. My teeth are very very white and now ...

 If you have a decaying tooth in your mouth does it make your breath smell?

 Do my teeth look bad?* pics*?
K I have spaces in my teeth and I'am so self concious about my teeth and I never smile in pics w/ my teeth showing. Be honest do my spaces look bad? or realy noticable? im the blonde one..

 Do you know of any home remedies for sever toothaches?

 I have a slight chip on my tooth, I have no dental insurance...?
It is just the face of the tooth, my top front tooth, not too deep. How much would this cost to get fixed without insurance?...

 I'm 20, and still haven't gotten my wisdom teeth yet?
Is that all right? I'm a bit freaked since recently my friend (21) had hers removed. I don't even see them coming in. I thought they were supposed to come in when you're a teen or ...

 How do I cure tooth pain.?
It may be exposed nerves which gives the tingling pain. I cannot eat or drink cold. It is very sensitive and it is causing quite a lot of distress to me as I am unable to chew my food properly. I ...

 Is there any home remedies for a bad tooth ache?
my hhusband is in pain and the dentist wont be available til tomorrow please help!...

 My braces are caught on 2 my lip very bad wat should i do?

 How do i take care of a cold sore on my lip?

 Braces tightening your opinions please?
It didnt hurt too much after I got my braces put on...but for you all that have had adjustments, did you think it hurt more than when the braces were put on initially or less?

your ...

 What is the easyest at home way to whitten teeth?

Additional Details
ok tips to u

i am only 14 i DONT smoke, I dont want crap like brush your teeth... I KNO!! and nomore crest whitestrip stuff! i want HOME remedies etc.....

What can I do to make my teeth look white?
I think my teeth are not white.What can I do?

use tippex or white nail varnish on them.
dont close your mouth while its drying.

Arm&Hammer toothpaste / or bakeing soader / The Best is piers toothpaste.. its deep red and tastes like sh1t... but your teeth will "gleam" ... ( Black's cant use it as it looks like a UFO has landed )..

Bleach them. Look on E-bay they sell the stuff!

Girl From Mars
Try using an enamel care toothpaste - enamel is what usually protects your teeth and keeps it looking white.

if your teeth are white it means they are unhealthy,your teeth should be a creamy colour. but you can use a whiting toothpaste with biocarbenate soda in it.

crest whitening strips

buy some whitening stuff online, search for whitening kits?
or just get some whitening toothepaste depends how mcuh u wanna spend

my mom uses these crest whitening strips. every night she puts them on her teeth and you just let them sit there. you take them off and then brush you teeth. there has been a major difference.

Always brush them

answer it!
use whitening toothpaste or pearl drops whitening....its very good.!!!!

go to the dentist and get them cleaned

brush ur tee th mornnig and night. use a very good toothpaste. i found of colgate is a very good one. n a strong toothpaste helps as well.

Little-Mimi / mia 9/12
crest white strips. they're a little pricey but they really really really work. and they work fast. use em till your teeth are as white as you like and then remember to brush twice a day becuz thats probably the reason why they got so yellow

just make sure you clean them twice a day, after breakfast and before you go to bed, and use a good toothpaste like colgate, or colgate whitening. to get better results you an electronic tootbrush, ideally a sonicare, but an electronic one is better than a normal tootbrush , also try using a Mouthwash too, such as listeriene, hope this helps. xx

I saw in a magazine once that advertised a white paint to put on teeth just like Hollywood actresses do. But im pretty sure I saw in a dentist waiting room a white cover to clip on.

jodie c
just bought some stuff off ebay for £3.98. great

laurel g
If you brush daily, use a Mouthwash, like Crest for whitening teeth, you should whiten up your teeth. If you want to try a bit of baking soda with a teensy drip of peroxide in the baking soda as a homemade toothpaste, this will help, as well. When I was small, my mother had me use this combo, and I thought we were just too poor to buy toothpaste......now, all the whitening toothpastes show they use exactly this! Having your teeth cleaned regularly, of course, will help you out.

Go to your dentist and have them professionally whitened so that you don't damage the enamel with some crap over the counter potion.

paint your face black.

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