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 I sprained my ankle two weeks ago and my ankle bone is still swelled is this normal?

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 My 14 year old nephew went to a party ,had accident. whose liable.?
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 I pulled two muscles yesterday and i was jsut standing?
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 Are chiropractors quack's? Are they fake doctors that really do nothing to correct a back problem?

Should i go see a doctor if my ankle hurts and pops alot?

Dilip kumar
You Must and Should consult ur doctor .
Because, Ankle swellings ,pain aer the early manifestations of variety of Cardiac, Renal, Hepatic ( liver ) diseases.
So, dont neglet ur problem lol.

NO i dont think you have to do this if it take a long time you have to go with his to a Doc........... and thanx for tow point

my ankle hurts and pops all the time but my ligaments aren't attached properly and i have a permanent crack in the bone. if i were you i would have it checked

Yes, you may have a sprang going on in there. I had a fractured ankle and it would swell and pop with a great deal of pain.After 4 months of not healing, they wanted to put pins and screws, so go get an X-ray ASAP......

Jason S
Yes... could be many things, and consistent pain is considered a good sign to investigate. An X-Ray should be able to help determine something a little more specific.

An orthopedist may be a good place to go. You can find one in your area here http://www.ucomparehealthcare.com/drs/orthopedic_surgeons/

well how long has it been like that? If It just started then no. and hold of for about 3-4 days then after that if your ankle still hurts yes you should go see a doctor.

My ankle pop alot too fyi but I did not go to the doctor but it does not hurt.

Yes you should go get it x-rayed.

Jon C
Popping is a bad thing, but my ankle pops all the time, and has my entire life, so i don't worry about it. The pain would make me want to go though.

Yes. It sounds as if you may have a cyst. My friend had the same problem and had it removed.

Yes. Any pain and popping of any joint needs to be checked out before permanent damage is done.

Philip Kiriakis
It may not be located properly. Go to a doctor.

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