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My gums bleed when I brush my teeth?
I know, I know, "gingivitis causes gum inflammation", however I went to the dentist about 3 weeks ago (and got my braces off like, 4 weeks ago) and she said I had really healthy gums for someone that just got their braces off. So, I'm guessing it's NOT gingivitis...

When they bleed, I notice they do have little cuts in some spots. It mostly likely is because I'm brushing too hard. But I can't not brush hard or else I don't feel my teeth are cleaned properly...and it's not overly hard, it just feels like my gums are overly sensitive. Any way I can stop this?

Italian Soccer God
i had that to. it is an early stage of gingivtis, its gum inflation. so keep brushing on the gums, even though they may bleed and hurt. eventually it will stop and go away

one word, floss.

Butch B
You need to see a dentist right away. I had the same problem a few years ago. A good cleaning took care of this. When was the last time you were to the dentist? BB

happens to me too..around my teeth, but my teeth r crappy =(

Sometimes when you brush too hard the bristles make little punctures between your teeth and your gums. It`s normal for them to bleed sometimes, so don`t worry about it. It usually happens to me in dry weather.

mine too

so do mine

Sticky Wicket
Buy toothpaste that help with gum/tooth sensitivity.

Vitamin C is good for bleeding gums.

My dear,
sometimes when we eat food residues stay in our gums, or in between opur theet.... then our gums get infected by this food residues, however when you brsh it if too hard they wikll bleed anyways..
but most of the time is because they are a little infested, nothing big if you keep it clean...I sugesst u to use some "floss"
God bless you my dear.

you could try using a GUM toothbrush-they are super-soft! you can get them at walmart. and try to avoid the edge of your gums when you brush. or you could ask a dentist for advice.

Try the Sonicare toothbrush, my Periodontist recommended it as I also tend to brush too hard, the toothbrush simply stalls out if you press too hard. Makes my teeth feel like just polished every time. If the bleeding gums dont get better, go and see a Periodontist, this is their specialty, they can give you the proper diagnosis and recommend a course of action.

Your brushing to hard on the gums I had the same problem my moms a dentist she said to brush the teeth the gums Gentle.

dental asst
mix equal parts of baking soda with salt.... wet your toothbrush (soft, only)
dip into the mixture and use soft circles brush your gums..
healthy gums won't bleed...... if your continue to brush too hard you will cause gum recession......
Also use floss....

my dentist says to rinse with Salt water. I know it sounds weird, but it works. use it like listerine, and spit it out when your done.

Rayne T
well u might be brushin too hard but whats the color of ur gum
if there red than ur gums r infected go see a dentist
but if there pibk than its just the brushing :D

Dr Joe Raw
Use a toothbrush with the softest bristles that you can find.

Austin D
brush a little easier. my teeth did the same thing. but it stoped bleeding after i brushed them a while.

go get a soft bristled tooth brush at the store if your gums are a little red maybe you do have gingivitis

Have you tried a soft bristle brush?

That might help.

Otherwise, if it keeps up, I would go back to the

living life 4 Christ ♥
your brushing to hard on your gums

RiA [ToFu] ♥ 's PJ
Have you ever heard of salting your wounds? Well to ease the bleeding you should get a cup of warm water and mix in a tablespoon of salt and gargle it for 15 seconds.

You're probably brushing too hard. What type of toothbrush do you have? You need a med.-soft toothbrush.

Yes what the first girl said you are brushing too hard

your brushing too hard

i l♥vermont
get a different toothbrush. i personally like the sonicare - its really Gentle, but cleans your teeth really well.

The boy from London
Buy a brush with soft bristles. They usually come in hard, medium and soft. If you already have a brush with soft bristles, you will need to learn not to brush hard.

This IS important because if you are pressing really hard, you will be stripping away the enamel.

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