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 Can concussions kill you?
my friend says if you fall asleep while having a concussion you'll die. is this true?...

 What will i get paid from my work when i have a doctors note ?
Have been off work for 3 weeks now due to a shoulder injury and worried i will not get paid right....

 Is my ankle sprained?
Well,yesterday when I was running home I tripped and my ankle made a scary noise,so then when I went to bed it was hurting sooooooooo badly I called my dad up to inspect it and he touched it in ...

 Pulled or strained muscle and what should I do?
I "think" I pulled my calf muscle four weeks ago. I was out kicking a soccer ball in very cold weather (a repetitive motion over and over) to my dog and the next few days my calf really ...

 Is it best just to stop drinking or cut down?
Ive been drinking quite a bit over the years is it best to stop or cut it down over a period of time when i just stop i feel quite ill im not sure whats best ive got mild liver damage and dont want ...

 Can you break a rib by slouching forward?
under my breast where my upper ribs are hurt alot, especially when i touch it. it hurts on both sides. i do slouch alot and when i sleep, i sleep curled up because i sleep on the couch and it's ...

 Must see Question!!! Very interresting?
here is a question That has bothered me since last friday... Lets see what you think.
Im In the army, and my friend got sent home from iraq with burns 87 percent of her body... She is in ...

 My boyfriend punched a wall?
My boyfreind got mad (not at me) and punched a wall 4 or 5 times. It was solid wood straight thru. It swelled up like a lump the size of a quarter but not at the knuckle and he can bend it most of ...

 Have you ever done anything really stupid, like putting you tongue in an electric toaster?
What's the most stupid thing you have ever done?...

 How long does it take to die from hanging?
Is it painful and torturous to endure the hanging till death?...

 Do u believe in witchcraft and voodoo dolls?

Additional Details
yes, i put this question in health cos of the effects voodoo dolls has on health whether mental or physical. witchcraft is intended to scare people but is there any ...

 Anyone ever have trouble unbending their fingers after they make a fist? (worst in morning)?
I have been getting finger pain that is worst in the morning. WHen I would make a fist, I have trouble opening up my fingers. I have to actually pull them apart.
I recently took up golf, I don&...

 Why does it hurt when a male gets hit in the groin?

 My hand...?
ok 2 days ago in skool i punched a locker and it hurt really bad after that. well now 2 days later it still hurts just not as bad, the thing that bothers me is that there is this muscle or bone or ...

 If someone had a bruise on there face would u belive them if they said thay got hit by a golf ball?

 How long after surgery do I wait to exercise?
I had abdominal surgery 2 weeks ago today. The doctor's in another part of the country, so there is no follow-up appointment. He didn't tell me when I could exercise again. My stitches are ...

 My two year old was playing now he wont walk he is limping should i take him to the hospital?
there are no swollen joints or bones sticking out but he wont stop crying what should i do?...

 Does doing cocaine for a long time cause brain injury of any sort?
I have been snorting cocaine for years and lately my head hurt so much my neck swells up and it feel very different than before i am afraid it has done some damage to my brain or nerves only when i ...

 How do i know if my arm is broken?
i fell off the trampoline and my left arm hit the metal side really hard. it is now 15 hours since i hit my arm it is all red and very swollen when i tense it it hurts i touch it very lightly it ...

 How long does it take b4 you can walk without crutches after spraining your ankle?

I had a car accident a few weeks ago and the steering wheel was lodged in my groin?
i asked my doctor to remove it because it's driving me nuts but he refused ...should i report him


must be a tiny steering wheel

driving you nuts - very funny

married mama of 4
no go get a sawsaz an cut it off lol

weirdo! get a life!

what a di ck, yes report him

Judas Rabbi
You should

yeah, right.
pretty sure that did not happen to you.

You wasted 5 points for this dumb question?

report the doctor to the auto-maker and shout on top of your voice for the world to hear

I had that happen to me and my nuts started telling me things... weird things like "Bush is a good president", "2+2=5" and "Jasper the cat knows how to tapdance". Eventually I got annoyed with the rubbish my scrotum was telling me and shouted...
"Shut up - you're just talking bollocks!"

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