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 Where do i find a cheap eye exam in san francisco?
i am currently uninsured, and i need an eye exam - bad. i am on my last pair of contacts and its been a yr and a half since i had an eye exam, im sure my prescription has changed. money is really ...

 Contact problem?
I have contacts and I put them in 1 day and they started to burn. the next day I put them in they were fine. an then they started again. I have tried new solutions and have tried new contacts and ...

 Anyone ever experienced a occular migraine?
today at work i started to get flashes in my left eye and my vision went a little weird! ( i can only describe it as when you look at a lightbulb and close you're eyes). scared me a little so ...

 Poked myself in eye with paper?
accidently i poked myself in the eye yesterday. vision is ok but when i blink it burns slightly. i put eye drop. recently(within last three months had eye exam with dilation) is there anything else i ...

 Short sighted?
Hiya, I am short sighted, My vision is absolutely great up close, but like 3 feet away I can't read what's there, and in class and outside I struggle reading and seeing people is kinda ...

 Lasik -- worth it or not?

 How much does 4 hours of gameplay affect someone's eyes?
My dad has been telling me about this for a long time now because he weares glasses and says that it feels horrible not being able to see properly. I play a lot of videogames everyday for about 4-5 ...

 If I wear Light blue contact lenses will my dark brown eyes show?
I Have a pair that is soooo light that you can barely see it in its packet. What I need to know is that If I wear them will my dark brown eyes be visible. Will it make the light blue ...

 Any advice on laser surgery?
I really want to have laser eye surgery - I have quite severe astigmatism & I'm short sighted. I wear contact lenses every day & have to wear my glasses if I'm not wearing my ...

 Is it true...?
that readin with a very dim light hurts ur eyesight???...

 I'm 20 & My eyesight...?
I began using glasses when I was in the third grade. I am now 20 (female). Every year, I feel that my eye sight is getting worse and worse. I use glasses because I can't see clearly objects/ ...

 Eyesight's getting worse...?
In the last few days i have noticed that my eyes are getting tired very easily and feels like the eyesight is getting worse, what can i do about it? Serious answers, ...

 Contact question....?
I went to a couple parties lately (left around 12) and my contacts began bothering me.. It felt like something was in my eye, but once i got out of the place, it stopped. What could be wrong?
I ...

 I have severe astigmatism! Wondering if u's can help me out!??
I am currently almost 17 and a half, i have severe astigmatism, i was born with it, got glasses at 1 and a half years old. Even with my glasses, I failed my G1 drivers license vision test. My mom ...

 Do you think it is safe to use eye pencil on the inner rim of your eye?
Have done it for years and wondered if there could be a build up of chemicals....

 How can i kill maggots there in my dogs eye?
something ...

 If you wear contact lenses do your eyes eventually get smaller?
If you wear lenses, do your eyes shrink over time? Or do they look any different over time?

 How can i know my dominant eye?
how can i know my dominant eye?...

 Why is my reading vision getting worse with longsighted prescription?
I've worn glasses and contact lenses to correct my short sighteness for years, and have always had perfect reading sight. Recently I've noticed a very marked deterioration in the vision I�...

 A sudden headache and now rainbow floaters in both eyes?
I'm having trouble seeing. Luckily I don't have to look when I type. LOL. anyway, after the pain in my head (felt like sinuses) went away, each eye got these rainbow colored circles in ...

Caleb H
I accidently burned my eye!!!?
it doesnt hurt, but still, i got it right in the eye. is this bad?
Additional Details
this was in october, nothing happened but i have ocd and keep havin thoughts.

Oh! My mom did that a long time ago. You should go see a doctor. WHat they did is they gaver her a patch to where for a few days with medicine.

Sapna G
how did you do that

mission cat
The eye contains large amounts of vitamin C.
I would take about 10,000mg of vitamin C every day until this has healed.
See Dr. Levy's book on vitamin C, "Curing the Incurable".

consult a doctor.

Maverick J
How in the f*ck did you do that?

Is this a chemical or heat burn? If it doesn't hurt, it's probably ok. Flush your eye out. If you have any pain later or spots that you can't see, then yes, it is indeed bad. If not, don't worry about it.

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