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 Can allergies/ear infection cause fluid buildup along jawline?

 Is it possible to be allergic to pistachios but not to all other kinds of nuts?
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thnx to ...

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 Question about cat??
everytime i get cat hair like on my face it gets all itchy but anywhere else it doesnt do anything and i dont swell am i slightly allergic or wat is going on??...

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How long, if untreated, could an allergic reaction last? Espically if it is to dogs, or plastic?? And slightly effecting my breathing?...

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Know what I mean?...

 What makes you allergic to animals, plants, etc.?

 Toilet Paper?
I have recently found that I have an allergy to toilet paper, and after using various wet brands, I have found that Izal toilet paper is the only product that seems to help. Although it has cleared ...

 Does anyone know any non-antihistamine allergy relief products?
I am having allergy skin tests in a few days... and im not allowed to have any antihistamines 4 days prior....

 I need help for my daughters severe ezcema?
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What are the symptoms?...

 Am suffering from a skin disorder, falling beard hair in round patches. what is the name of this disorder?

Additional Details
can anyone suggest a good treatment for that? ...

Ima Stressed Out
Has anyone ever died from a sinus infection?

i don't believe so :-) don't worry, people don't die so easily ;-)

no, not a sinus infection, but it could turn into something worse so you should get some antibiotics to clear it up.

No, but if it doesn't go away, it can cause bronchitis because of the large amounts of bacterial mucous coming from your nose down the back of your throat, giving you a sore throat, while reaching your chest and contaminating your airways. You will start to hurt everytime you take a breath. And if you leave it alone further, it will turn into pneumonia at which time you will need really strong antibiotics and bedrest before going back to normal.

I know what I would do.

I don't know of anyone, but I've heard that if it gets severe enough; that the infection can eat through your sinus cavities and into your brain. Then it would kill you.

Not that I know of, but I was so sick and stuffed up once that my eardrum burst from the pressure build up in my sinus cavity. Ouch!

Jeff C
this guy -


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