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stacie l
Can an allergy cause a sore throat and stuffy nose?
I have not cold a cold as this is a result from a cold i had weeks ago im thinkin its somethng else now. Im also tired alot.
Can anyone shed some light or has anyone else got this
Additional Details

My sinuses are not sore or painful

An allergy can do that, but it could also be another infection.

Best go to the doctor

Absolutely! The drainage from your sinuses is causing these symptoms. To clean them out. Use 2 or 3 teaspoons of salt in half a glass of warm water and inhale by teaspoon fulls into your nostrils. Don't blow your nose too hard or you will create lesions or small cuts which can get infected easily. Start taking a teaspoon of LOCAL honey each day to help your body develop immunity to all the air born irritants around you. You are tired because your body is out of balance. You need to get into a good sleep pattern and stick to it. Make sure you eat healthy and try to stay away from alcohol as well. As with all herbal remedies, it will take awhile to feel the effects but you will soon see that you are feeling better overall and will get far fewer colds and flu symptoms as a result of ingesting the local honey. Try to stay away from prescriptions and inhalers as they are habit forming and tend to create a buildup of dried mucus in the sinuses. This will lead to you trying to blow it out and causing problems (infections).

yes an allergy i guess can cause that, theres an allergic rhinitis disease that is resulting to a stuffy nose.

im not sure bout sorethroat.

yes, when you are laying down the drainagg caused by allergies can drip down your throat and nose making them sore and stuffy

yes i get colds regular but it is due to hay fever i also feel cr@p and tired when it decides to get me lol
Go to your doctor and tell them

Sounds a lot like hay fever which is an allergy itself. Try getting something for hayfever from the chemist and if it works then you know the answer - you can stop it just have to find some way of living with it. If it is not hayfever then go and see your doctor who can investigate it further but then you can say you have tried hayfever remedies and they dont work so the Dr wont waste their time giving them to you.

sure can!! look around where you live or work and note if there's alot of dust in the air or dead vegetation(causes mold), has it been raining alot? plants are in bloom. all sorts of allergy stuff. i'v had allergies and sinusitis all my life. sometimes i wear a dust mask to breath better.

It sounds like it is just allergies. My husband has those same symptoms. You can go to the doctor to get some relief for some of the symptoms. Meanwhile, stay away from flowers and outdoors. Grams

Bruce Aurora

It might have been something more than a cold.

If you continue to be tired today, and you had the cold a while ago, you may have a virus that is hanging on.

Some of them can be a bit dangerous and affect other organs.

If you eat right and sleep right and have a reasonable activity level and still feel tired all the time, you probably need a check up.

I would suggest that first to be on the safe side.

In answer to your first question, whether an allergy can cause a sore throat and stuffy nose--yes. But the chronic fatigue suggests you need to see a physician.

Yes because your sinuses can drain down your throat and if you are really tired you may have a sinus infection.

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