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Robert J
whats the best way to get rid of a hickey?

you cant but try Base or powder to cover it up.

help me please?

The Cheesecake Bandit!!!
Wait for it to go away. In the mean time i suggest u wear a scarf or turtleneck to hide it

Make up works good to cover it up.
But you cant get rid of it you just have to wait.

Freeze a metal spoon and place it on the hickey or some try using a chap stick cap to create suction over the hickey... not sure if that one works tho. I would try the spoon or start wearing turtle neck shirts.

This is what you would need to do!
1-take a spoon or coin
2-place it in the fridge for about 15 minutes
3-take it and place it in the hickey
repeat all the steps several times

It would really erase it!!!!

good luck!! ^_^

Try applying some ice inside a towel on the hickey spot. You can also apply some burn cream or butter lotion. This should reduce the red swelling appearance.

Baths! And a little cover-up cant hurt.

Toothpaste gets rid of it

Make up is the fast solution to a hickey. Actually, that's the only true way i found out. Because I've tried to get rid of one and nothing else worked.

who cares
You can't get rid of it once it's there. You can attempt to make it less dark by using cold. Put an ice cube in a rag and hold it there for a few minutes. It won't make it go away but will reduce the redness some so you may be able to cover it up with makeup.

And by the way, shame on you. :)

Susie W
InstructionsThings You'll Need:
Ice cube
Eye redness removal drops
Step 1Use a spoon and an ice cube to cool the hickey. Take the ice cube and rest it in the spoon. Keep firm hold of the ice cube so it doesn't fall out of the spoon.

Step 2Holding the back of the spoon to the hickey, twist the spoon counterclockwise for ten seconds. Then, twist the spoon clockwise for ten seconds. The round shape of the spoon should fit exactly to the hickey and the cold pressure should alleviate the some of the redness.

Step 3Use eye drops to literally "get the red out." The eye drops send red blood vessels and capillaries away from the surface of the eye, causing less eye irritation and swelling. The good news is it also works on your skin. Apply several drops on the hickey and allow it to sit for one minute, then rinse it off with cool water.

Step 4At this point, the hickey should be almost invisible. If you can still see it easily, repeat Steps 1 through 3 again until the hickey is almost gone.

Step 5Apply concealer for a finishing touch. Gently pat concealer over your hickey to blend the remaining red color into the rest of your skin. Continue to apply concealer throughout the day, as it may rub off with time.

Hope I helped!!!<3 Susie

You can't really get "rid" of it. You can put ice on it, and after 24 hours you can put ice on it but it's a bruise... You most likely just have to wait it out. Try some makeup to cover it up, foundation covered by loose powder normally does the trick.

cover it up with a green-based concealer, it will hide the red, the apply regular make-up over that. blend really, really well and don't use too much.

rub aloe vera on it and use cover up til it heals! treat it like a bruise all it is is an internal bruise


jaclyn b
comb the skin through. it helps distribute the blood evenly so the hickey disappears quickly. tried it. ;D

Kelsea A
take a brush and brush your skin upward ONLY with the brissels
for about 45 seconds then take a freezing spoon and put it on your hickey for about a minute;; do this three times a day and it should be gone or small the next morning depending on the size
good luck :)

Gemma louiseăƒ„
put an ice pack on it , it helps it to heal

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