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Has anyone ever got a "blister" or a "bump" from tanning? I usually tan a little in late winter, early spring, so I don't burn in the sun. (I know, I know, I shouldn't ...

 Are there any on-line sites with real doctors to answer health questions?

 bumps on my arm?
i have little bumps on both my arms towards the top i don't have acne any where else but i was just wondering if anyone else has had luck getting rid of them and if so how? ...

 after gattin my arms waxed, i get acne on my upper arms. hw 2 get rid of it.?
i wash wid an astringent.. . some of my frndz also hv dis prob. plz help. . ....

 can some please give me a home remedy for canker sores and cold sores/fever blister or way to get rid of them?

 i have sore and itchy armpits and persistant body odour?
i have sore and itchy armpits and persistant body odour. ive tried different deodrants, soap. not changed my fabric conditioner or washing powder and i still have the problem. doc prescribed me dri-...

 How do UV rays cause skin cancer?
i need information on what happens to the cells
Additional Details
i need details of what happens, a good explanation of what happens in the skin cell and why it ...

 how to clear up eczema?
my mum and i lived in spain, and she got bit by a mosquito in four places on her leg, but it was there for a while and turned into eczema, it has been there for four year now, shes tried lots, ...

 I Really Need Acne Help.!?
I am 16 years old, and i'm a sophomore in highschool
i do 3 sports, football,wrestling, and cross country
i dont have that much acne on my face but i have
it really bad on my ...

 how do you cure an ichy sculp?
My sculp has been ichy for a long time and I tried head and shoulders but it didnt work what can I use, I need help ASAP...

 i have this big bump on my leg. i shaved over it and now its like a scab?
what is it? how to i get rid of it?!...

 why puffiness coming below the eyelid?

 When is it safe to be in the sun and not get skin cancer?

 What are some good non-prescription medications for acne (besides Proactiv)?

 How do i get rid of head lice and nits?
How can i get rid of them before friday? Is there anyway? Please help!...

 How is mosquito's best friend?

 Sunburn home rimady?
Ok so my Girlfriend has this sunburn and sensitive skin. and cant get out because her dad is out of town, and home rimadys that she MIGHT ACSALY HAVE!
Additional Details
Preferable ...

 Really dark Elbows and knees please help how to lighten them?

 what does knee popping your every step mean?
about knee pops every step but no pain as of yet....

 acne how do i prevent it?

what is the difference between a sty and a cyst?

A sty is a tiny pimple-like abscess on your eyelid.... a cyst can be large and painful, re-occurring, and can pop up in SEVERAL places.

A sty has pus when it reaches its "peak"...a cyst is like a sebaceous substance...Oil/dirt etc.

The letter C.

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