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 Linear Patterns on Thighs...?
On my upper thighs, there are multiple linear marks all over. On the inside and back, there are lone red line, something like strech marks but much larger and redder. The skin is softer and ...

 What could be causing this?
I keep getting little bumps on my hand and my face. I first got these bumps last week, but they were gone within an hour, and now they're back again! My mom thinks I'm allergic to the new ...

 how do you reduce pain of a skinless back of the heel due to blisters?
I bought a new pair of cross country running shoes to help my running times go faster. after my first practice, my heels where very sore and when i took my new cross country shoes off there was a ...

 Side Effect 'time line' of Accutane?
I just started accutane, and i know alll about the side effects involved (dry skin, mood swings, chapped lips, night vision, skin gets worse) but i want to know if any one has any idea of the '...

 I Have Acne On My Cheeks?
Its been there for a few months now. Its not really that noticeable or anything but its these pimples that I can tell have puss in them and even though ive popped them in the past they come back with ...

 chemical peel/laser treatment for active acne/acne red marks?
I am a twenty year old who has struggled with acne for a while

my acne is moderate/severe, and has become cystic to the point where proactive ect. does not clean it up

I am ...

 how well do these medications work on acne?
i'm on ocella birth control pills (i have pcos), and i take 50mg zinc supplements. i went to my derm today and she prescribed doryx 150mg, acanya gel for the morning, and retin-a 1% gel every ...

 really bad recurring eczema on my arms- skin has split?
I'm 25 and suffered terribley from the condition when I was very young girl.

Just in the past 3 years or so; both of my lower arms keep breaking out in awful rashes- look like bite ...

 How to get rid of blackheads and reduce oily skin?
I have blackheads on my nose and cheeks i tried everything but nothing works and i have oily skin also. I used to have acne but for some unknown reason its completely gone. Any suggestions or ideas ...

 How to make acne go away?

 My skin is discolored & i dont know what to use?
What can i do about my skin? it's discolored & i dont know wha tto do about it. is there any type of cream or something that might help? any suggestion would really help. :)...

 Question about honey and cinnamon for acne?
I heard putting honey and cinnamon on your face reduces your acne. Is this true?

Am I supposed to leave it on all night or just leave it on for about an hr as a mask? Isn't it sticky ...

 does the product bio-oil really work?
well does it. like all over the body. tell my about it. like about the prduct how it works, pro's and con's, good and bad things bout it? ...

 Ummm....... My foot is orange Why, and how can i fix it?
So my foot has been messed up for quiet some time now.So i got an MRI done and there are some peculiar things that they wanted bettter look at so i got some sort of cat scan. It's some wierd ...

Does anyone know any remedies for eczema or psoriasis?...

 What can I use to fix my face of acne & scars?
What is the best procedure to do while having an "acne/scar" issue.
I need something to rid this problem forever & to once again have the best complexion possilbe.
Please help!...

 Why is there dry scaly patches on my skin?
They just begun to form above my ankle and on my hands. It couldn't be rashes or eczema because its not itchy. Though there has been a lot of cases of eczema in my family history....

 Does ice help acne/acne marks in any way?
I am aware that rubbing ice on the acne doesnt cure it but can it help calm down inflamation from picking them? Or does it help remove red marks after acne? Or does it help in any way?...

 Is peanut butter bad for acne?
My brother says it is. Is it?

And if you're one of those people who say diet doesn't affect acne GTFO!!...

 Cefadroxil 500 mg capsules acne?
Ive been on them for atleast 4 weeks now, does anyone take them and notice any difference ? Do they make your acne gone forever? Do you need to take them for ever? Do they make you breakout more to ...

weird lump just appeared?!!?

I have suddenly felt this smooth flat surfaced lump on my arm, it looks like a giant moquito bite without the evidence of a bite mark, when i press it,its hard.
It has a red outline and a sort of white/yellowy middle.
What could this be?
there is no evidence of anything biting me, iv had my jumper on all day :/
Additional Details
there is no puss, it just looks like a huge bite.. but there is no bite mark

Outspoken but Honest
If it`s on the back of your wrist it`s common they used to tell you to hit it with a bible but some just disappear just like they appeared on their own.

It could be ringworm. If it starts looking like a target, then you're going to want to visit the doctor because ringworm is contagious. Hope you get better.

oh its probably an abscess i had 1 last month and i had to go to the doctor and then the emergency room and i had to be admitted for 4 days because i had mrsa (its very contagious)and it will grow bigger and bigger you should put warm wet compresses to draw out the puss and it the most pain i have ever felt in my life when i was in the hospital they had to cut it open more and jabbed a knife in the wound like 30 times to break up the puss its gross and painfull make sure to go to the doctor so u can get antibiotics and remember warm wet compresses

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