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my hands are super dry!!! what can i do to make them not so dry?
ok well my hands have been dry for like ever and people say how rough they are like a guys.... and i dont want them to say that so is there anyway i can make them soft?? good cream or anything? cream doesnt really work because in like 2 minutes it get rough again... what do i do?!?!?!

Trail of Haymaker.
uhh lick them? mosturizing lotion? johnsons baby lotion works good.

For the Lulz

Right before bed, rub your hands with the creamiest moisturiser you can find (like Nivea Cream, something that's very solid, not runny). Rub as much as you can into the skin and then put thin cotton gloves on (the ones some people use for cleaning) over night.

The cotton gloves will keep the moisturiser on your hands for longer, so the it has more time to soak into the skin.


it helps i promise!

bath and body works used to make some hand repair cream...you should check there, and see. idk if they still do, but if not, im sure they have something there that can help!


Use jergens it works great or go to a spa they have great stuff there .

Get a good quality moisturizing cream. Before you go to bed, slather your hands with it and put cotton gloves on.

princess iris
If cream doesn't work for you, you may want to check with your doctor about underlying conditions. Who knows? Maybe, it's something simple that can be taken care of if you know what it is.

Good Girl
I personally like Mary Kay skin products. They have a 4-step system that will improve your skin condition immediately and also over time. Also, maybe you are lacking in some vitamins. Take a muti-vitamin every day and check your diet.

put aveno hand loshin that maches your skin town and if that dose not work go to your doc. he will give u something that will really goood

Try satin hands by Mary Kay it is a four step process. It makes your hands feel soft. After the initial application you can apply only the hand cream nightly. You should use the four step at least twice a week maybe 3x if you are suffering severe dryness.

Kayli L.
get hand lotion from "True Blue Spa" availbile at Bath & body works. the hand stuff works great!!

Mary Kay has this stuff called Satin Hands. It is amazing.

A moisturiser would definetly help, put it on every night before you go to bed so that it has time to soak into the skin and also use after you get out of the shower as your pores are open then and it goes in more. Try dove, I've used that before and they have a nourishing body moisturiser which suits any skin type, it's around $13.99 for the 200ml container I think which isn't too bad.

Eucerin and Renew by Melaleuca. Neither of these lotions are cheap, but if you are having skin problems they are well worth the price.

Being a man, this may be weird to do but will probably help after time.... what you do, is rub your hands with a good aloe based lotion or vaseline, get a descent amount on them, not caked or anything, and then wear rubber gloves to bed. Being in the gloves, will help keep them moistened and not dry out from being exposed. I guarantee that your hands will become softer over a short period of time. Good Luck!

don't wash your hands as much.-i know it sounds dumb but it really does dry out your hands! also, you should put vaseline on your hands every once in a while. it works the same for hands as it does for lips.

I recommend to stop using moisturizers and use creams that exfoliate.
You can get them mainly at Bath and Body works, or at drug stores.
Leave the exfoliating wash on your hands, rinse, and repeat once if needed. Make sure you scrub really hard to get rid of all of your dead skin.
Then leave your hands alone for about 10 minutes and come back and put on a cream/moisturizer.

Lotion after you shower or come home and before bed ans straight when you get up. My mom used this stuff on my brother when his skin got dried and cracked. Lubriderm Daily Moisturizer, trust me it works.

john carlo
My wife gets a parafin wax done at her beauty salon. It is warm wax that they dip your hands in and they stay soft for a long time. There is also a cream called Utter Cream and has a black and white cow design on the jar, she also uses this.
Good luck!

The cure is this... It works absolutely fantastic and is the cheapest your going to find ! Take Vasoline ( I know.... that sounds awful, but stay with me, it works...) and rub it well into your hands. It will feel heavy and yukky for sure but not for long. After you rub it all over your hands run your hands under very warm water for few minutes then take paper towel and rub them dry. They will not feel greasy at all and you will have the smoothest hands in town and it last for quite some time and is water repellant. It works like a charm and no one is the wiser. People will ask you what you use to keep your hands so soft ! Try this , I promise you won't be sorry and won't spend a fortune on creams and lotions that can't compare to this.

use a scrub (any kind will work from bath and body works) that feels really rough. rub it on your hands while singing happy birthday then rinse it off. apply lotion (i love any st.ive's products) every so often too.

if you wash your hands with the scrub every morning and then just keep a handy bottle of lotion in your purse and apply the lotion everytime your hands are feeling dry or after you wash your hands.

i get horribly dry skin all year and my skin is really sensitive to products with fragrance and colourings. i do this all year and it really helps.

good luck!

i have the same problem lady friend - i carry around lotion with me at all times.

#1 a good lotion i like olay quench :]

2nd i think that you should try hot wax treatments or exfoliate your hands with a pumice stone. but some ppl are just born with naturally dry skin..

Samatha Outler K
try nivea its kinda expensive but the cream is good and it does not come off nivea cream

Obviously hand cream is recommended.
But sometimes u WAYYYY dehydrated the skin and need a "parafin treatment".
Its done at spas and is super cheap (like 5-10$) and its done with a very special wax that you dip your hand into. Leave on for 5 minutes (looks like a wax glove) and peel it off, ur hands feel like the first day u were born.

l would try maybe vaseline lotion for real dry skin.maybe that will work.

Try shea butter (a specific type of fat/lotion) it works for me.

Church Lady
Coat your hands with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and put gloves on your hands over night. Do this every night. And then, during the day, wear gloves when you do the dishes or clean the house. When you wash your hands put on a non-alcohol based moisturizer immediately after wards. (Kari lotion or Lubradurm are water based rather then alcohol based.) Wear work gloves when ever you are doing anything that could damage your hands.

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