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 I think I might have a bad skin problem (PICS)?
Okay.. I have three different problems.. First off, some background info. I'm almost 14, 140 llbs, and 5'4 (if that helps) the first picture is off my chest, It gets like this about every ...

 How do I get rid of bacne?
I'm a fourteen year old girl and I get horrible breakouts on my shoulders and back all the time. I have hair a little past my shoulders and I wear it down a lot, but I wash it every day so I don&...

 I think I have a nose/piercing infection, please, please help??
I got my nose pierced in August 2009. I have had no problems until now. About a week ago my nose started getting really sore when I would take my piercing out to wash my face, ad then like 4 days ago ...

 how can i get a pretty tan withoutttt getting all burnt & itchy?

 get rid of oily skin?
how can i get rid of the large amounts of oil on my face?
-started 5 months ago
-im 14
-its ruining my life
-im getting alot of acne
please ...

 How to get rid of a canker sore.?
I have a canker sore under my tongue and I wanna know to get rid of it....

 Can i get my skin lighter?
When i was little my skin was bright hell i looked kinda white. But im now 14 and my skin is brown but sometimes in the sun when i look at it some parts look lighter like kinda reflective like than ...

 How to get rid of scars?
I have a scar in my face it's not noticible unless you get really close to my face and I also have scars on my legs for shaving I I hate them so much I don't really like showing my legs I ...

 Quick fix for a sty in my eye?
I have a sty on the bottom lid of my right eye and it is so sore and annoying. Its even beginning to hurt to blink. Anyone know a way of getting rid of it? Any help would be great.

Thanks ...

 What should I do with my POISON IVY?
It's starting to spread to my stomach area.... Gah, so now it's on my hands, right arm and now tummy.

BQ: Does poison ivy spread in the shower?!

Anyway, back to the ...

 Is there a quick and easy way to get rid of acne?
I have to go to visit my husbands sister in three days and I just got a zit on my chin. Is there a way I can get rid of it easily or at least reduce "Roxanne's" size?...

 The weather here has my skin dry and itchy. What do you do to lube up?
My legs have dry patches and so does my arms. Even my nipples are itching, dry around my aereola. What should I use to lubricate up. I dont like greasy things. Suggestions for body lotions would ...

 how to get rid of acne scars fast?
my skin looks great except for my chin, i use to have a lot on acne around there and now whats left are old acne scars, their little spots that are darker than my skin tone so they look embarrassing ...

 What is a good soap for acne?
I'm looking for a good mild soap that I can wash my face with to keep it clean from acne. I get acne regularly and I'm currently taking medication for it but I need to find some soap that I ...

 How can I make sunburn pain go away? Also, how long does moderate sunburn take to go away?
I have very moderate sunburn on my arms, shoulders, back and belly. How do I make it stop hurting so I can sleep at night?

Also, how long does it take for the sunburn's pain to go ...

 How do I help this hormonal acne?
I am 31 and on birth control pills (ortho-Tri) which is supposed to help mild acne. I have never had acne in my life until I turned 30. Now, every month both during and the week after my period I get ...

 Homemade mole removal
I found this on this website : http://health.top54u.com/post/Skin-Mole-Removal.aspx

1. Apples- take some sour apples and apply their extracted juice on the mole thrice a day for around ...

 why my ankles swell everyday?
for the last three weeks my ankles have started to swell really badly and cannot understand why as iv never had it ...

 Whats the black stuff on my thighs and armpits?
My thighs near my personal part has black stuff on it and so does under my armpits, i've tried to get rid of it by scrubbing it in the shower but it just wont come off!! Can someone plz help me!!...

 salt water flush cure acne!!?
of i drink a lot of SALT WATER FOR A FLUSH.......WILL IT HELP CURE ME OF ACNE?...

i am starting to get a cold sore...Does Burts beeswax lip balm help?
the cold sore hasnt formed yet I can just feel it....I cant make it to the store till tomorrow..All i have is the burts bees wax lip balm...its the cooling one....do u think this might help prevent it?
Or does anyone know what i can put on it.(SOMETING I MIGHT HAVE AROUND THE HOUSE)..Cold sores are really embrassing...Plus im a waitress......PLEASE HELP...

jenn t
around the house stuff never worked for me... this is kinda embarassing but when i start to feel them, my doctor gave me valtrex. it works, they never really show, just a little red. i would get to the store asap and get Campho Phonique cold sore treatment. it works wonders too... i love them both

As soon as you feel the tingle, you should pop about 4 pills of l-lysine. You can get it at any drug store over-the-counter. It works for me. i haven't had a cold sore in many many years.

you may have to run to walmart or walgreens but get this stuff called abreva it's with all the chapstick and carmex, it comes in a small tube and it works wonders i have a full blown cold sore and it went away in about three days


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