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But it is all over my body just not as bad in other places.
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how you remove lice from hair(an easy way?)?

Laurence B
Erm, petrol, apply to hair, light hair.

Ekhs Dawgg
mayonnaise, olive oil or vaseline...put them on your hair, wait a while, and then wash off...

you could also use a metal comb and have someone else "kill" the lice

good luck!!

Put conditioner on your hair....smother your hair in it make sure you get every area...specifically behind the ears and nape of the neck. Leave on for 5-10 mins. Conditioner means the hair will be very greasy and hard for the lice to move around and also the eggs will slide off more easily.
Now...the time-consuming part:

IF YOU ARE HEAVILY INFESTED sit there for about 3-4 hours(whilst the conditioner remains in the hair) picking each and every nit out with a fine-toothed metal nit comb. The plastic combs are rubbish and will break.
Have someone else cover their hair and do this for you because it can be quite difficult to get all of the pesky critters out.

Keep repeating the conditioner/combing process every day until you are sure they are gone.

It is not recommended to clean the whole entire house like crazy but anything such as pillow cases, duvets, sheets, furniture covers must be put in the washing machine on VERY HOT and tumbled dried on HOT too just to make sure.

Spread mayonnaise on your head and leave it for a couple of hours, then wash your hair.

get anti-lice shampoo from a doctor or pediatrician or something

jackie v
Sigh.....I wish that there was an easy way to remove lice and their nits, but there really isn't. After having dealt with it three times with the kids ( contracted at school and summer camp) I can tell you a way that will eradicate them,100% , BUT IT TAKES TIME.
I found that the over the counter shampoos like NIX just don't work.I think the lice have become immune to them, and using kerosene, gasoline or coal oil is incredibly toxic to your child as well as a major fire hazard and very very dangerous. I use the following method which is what was recommended by a pediatrician from one of the big hospitals in Toronto, Canada.

This works best done in the kitchen or laundry room sink because the kids can lie down. Just before bedtime,soak your child's hair thoroughly with Olive Oil,do not rinse out, and then wrap the hair up in a plastic grocery bag ( tie it around their head so it won't come off) Put them in bed with a thick towel over their pillow and let them go to sleep. In the morning, go downstairs and find an area with good light from a window. Then sit your child down in a comfortable chair with a book or something to keep them occupied and with a METAL Lice Comb which you can get at any pharmacy you go through the still oiled hair in tiny sections with the comb to get out any lice, whether they are dead or alive and remove all the nits that are attached to the shafts of the hair. You can recognize the nits because they look like bits of white or dark dandruff that are stuck to the hairs, you just pull them off with your fingernails. The nits will be anywhere on the head, so don't get bored and do it haphazardly, this is really the time to be "nit picky" so to speak and be incredibly thorough.Ensure that the all of the hair including the base of the hair shaft passes through the top part of the comb. The lice themselves are generally on the scalp, and the nits will be from the base of the hair right up the shaft. The lice seem to particularly like the areas behind the ears and the base of the hairline to lay their eggs (nits), so don't forget those. Ensure that the areas that you have already worked on do not come in contact with the hair that is not yet combed through, so as you work, hold it back with clips or whatever you have available. As you work, keep tissues beside you to wipe off the comb after each pass through the hair and a bowl of warm water beside you to rinse off the comb and or your fingers. Make certain not to touch your own hair while doing this, the last thing you need is to get the lice yourself. Once the hair is completely finished, head back to the sink and rinse the hair thoroughly with white vinegar and then wash your childs hair with a bottle of Denorex shampoo to which you've added 20-30 drops of tea tree oil. If you can't get this type of shampoo, it's not critical,but it seems preferential. The tea tree oil apparently acts as a louse repellent. All the equipment you use, nit comb, regular comb and brush, hair clips etc that you use or that your child uses must be dropped in boiling water for 10 or 15 seconds to kill any lice or nits that havae gotten on to them.
This has to be done for 10 days in a row as that is the lifecycle of the nit to adult louse and if you miss a maturing nit during your hair combing sessions and it grows to lay eggs of its own, the whole cycle begins again. I can't stress the importance of making sure that you get every strand of hair through the comb. REALLY!!
The theory behind the olive oil and the vinegar is that the olive oil smothers the live lice, killing them over the 8 hour period when the hair is soaked in it and the white vinegar acts to help unstick the nits from the hair shaft to which they have are glued. The cheap plastic lice combs simply do not work, there is too much space between the teeth and they don't remove anything, so please don't waste your money thinking that it is cheaper, you will only find that you have to go back and buy the metal one anyway ( personal experience on that one) Anyhow, although this is incredibly time consuming, it does work.
The only other thing that you need to do is to wash their bedding ( including their toys that they sleep with)every day and the clothes they are wearing during this process. To be on the safe side, I would also wash any of their tops,sweaters, coats and hats that they have worn in the week prior to your beginning the louse removal. You do not have to clean the house from top to bottom. During the 10 day process,when the kids sit on the sofa to watch tv, ensure that they always have a towel behind their heads so that they do not pass the lice around.
When my daughters had it and at one point they both had it at the same time, we just got up two hours before their regular wake up time and did it. Nobody liked it, no one was happy, but I told them that there was no option and that going to school without this occurring was not part of the deal and we just got on with it. I

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