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 How can i stop biting on my fingers when it has become a habit of sixteen years?
I am sixteen years old and have really bad looking finger nails with what women call bad cuticels(sp) and i cant seem to stop. I have started buying gum and that has helped but made me start biting ...

 I'm kind of itchy all over?
Started about a week ago, i first noticed the itchyness around my head, then around my body, but my legs no so much. The bumps on my body look like pimples but i'm sure aren't. They are ...

 i have an acne problem i guess..?
ok so i ALWAYS wash my face, im good about putting stuff on it, but i still have bumps on my forehead and theres a lot of them. how can i get rid of them?! preferably really soon!
oh and btw i ...

 get rid of blackheads!?
i have a lot on my nose.
i use clinic 3 step, and its kinda working.

but what are some home products you can use?
that will for sure get rid of them....

 Hot Showers In The Morning?
Ok, So I enjoy REALLY hot showers, like so hot that other people can not put their hand in the water for more then 5 seconds before they can't take it. But I take showers like that. So my ...

 so i've always had really bad acne...?
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 how to prevent scar from a burn?
i got a scar on my chest from really hot melted sugar and it made a blister, and its dark pink around the edges what are some natural remedies to prevent a scar i heard rubbing alcohol works but the ...

 my acne is getting worse everyday.i just got proactiv solution,not helping.who knows an excellent body detox?

 How can you tell when you're blushing?

 Is shaving your arms healthy?

 little white bumps on lips - they feel like sandpaper and burn!!?
hi - please help me...i dont have insurance and am worried.

about 2-3 weeks ago i noticed little white bumps developing on my lips -- mostly on the upper and when i pressed my lips, they ...

 Home cure for bacne?!!?
Does anybody know a fast result home recipe to cure bacne? I badly need to get rid of it!!
Additional Details
Like Nees said, it's pimples on your back. Not that hard to figure out ...


 I have a bump on my right armpit, what can it be?
When i compare my left armpit to my right, the right one has a bump, but it doesn't hurt. Also, i don't shave at all, i only wax, and the last time i waxed it was a week ago, what can it be?...

 i'm 13..i feel so ugly with my acne *please Help*?
im a 13 year old girl and alothough i understand that it's normal to be getting acne at this age it's still all i think about. there isn't an hour that goes by without me wishing i had ...

 After paying soccer i got a bubble on my toe filled with water what Is It ?
after playing soccer my toe got this bubble on it and it hurts i think its a blister but what kind?...

 if i have chapped lips, with a little cut?
and it has a little blood in it do you think chap stick will heal it? or do you think chap stick gets your lips to depend on chap stick and actually make them more chapped?
personal experiences?<...

 Flakey Skin on face HELP !?
i have noticed that around my jaw area it was proper dry then all of a sudden it started getting all flakey. At the moment i am taking that its a reaction to the shaving foam that i used, some ...

 The top has fell of my mole and gone very red could it be cancerous?
I have a mole that has gone very red and there is a small amount of water coming from it, The top of the mole has actually came off could this be cancerous? ...

 What's a really good acne face wash?

Sarah S
how do you get rid of scratch marks on your skin?

Lotion and cold water

let them heal.

apart from that i suppose something to reduce the slightly swollen bits.

sumtimes get real itchy so have to leave for a few days to heal.
so does work.

bit of an odd question...


have your partner cut their nails ;)

¸.•*¨*`•. ιѕяค¸.•*¨*`•.¸
Increase your Skin’s Elasticity

* Lotion Skin Creams and Lotions – Lotions containing cocoa butter are rumored to not only help reduce stretch marks, but to help prevent them entirely. Any cream or oil that is made specifically for the prevention or treatment of stretch marks will help keep your skin healthy and elastic. If you are pregnant or breast feeding consult your doctor first as lotions can contain ingredients that may be passed to your unborn baby or into breast milk.
* Vitamin A, E & C – Supplementing these vitamins may help increase the strength and elasticity of the collagen within your skin and reducing your chance of forming stretch marks.
* Stay hydrated. Every try to squeeze a dry sponge?

3. Stretch Mark Removal

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

If you’re more concerned with getting rid of stretch marks than preventing them, read on. There are many methods to choose from, ranging from home remedies for stretch marks, to medical and cosmetic procedures. You will notice that every single one of these remedies also helps promote the overall health of your skin – the healthier your skin is, the better it can heal itself. Always consult your doctor before undergoing any treatment, especially if you are pregnant or nursing.
Home Remedies to Remove Stretch Marks

* Time – Stretch marks, like all types of scarring fade over time.
* Retin-A (Tretinoin) – 0.1% Tretinoin creams have been shown to significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks in a study published in the May 1996 Archives of Dermatology. See your doctor for a prescription. These creams work best when used on fresh stretch marks. WARNING: Do not use tretinoin treatments if you are pregnant of breast feeding as the active ingredient may be passed to the unborn child or the breast milk.

Vick's Vapor Rub
* Exfoliate daily – use a loofah or scrunchy to remove daily.
* Vic’s Vapor Rub – Many people have reported success using Vic’s Vapor rub by applying it to a washcloth or paper towel and rubbing it forcefully into the scarred skin on a nightly basis for a few weeks.
* Increase Circulation – by taking hot baths and massaging the areas regularly.
* Tanning – Go sunbathing! Tanning can diminish and even eliminate minor stretch marks. Be sure to use sun screen.

Vitamin E Gel
* Vitamin E Gel – Break open vitamin E capsules and rub the oil into the skin over the stretch marks daily for 2 weeks.
* Unstretch the skin – After the skin returns to its normal, unstretched size, stretch marks often become nearly invisible.
* Stretch Mark Creams and Lotions – Using stretch mark creams and stretch mark lotions that heal and beautify your skin can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The following ingredients are widely accepted as beneficial for this purpose:
o Cocoa butter
o Rose hip oil
o Emu oil
o Jojoba oil

live out loud
cocoa butter

help me out here?>

Vitamin E

Try Polysporin; it seems to really work for me.

are you talking about stretch marks? they're really hard to get rid of. cocoa butter helps reduce and prevent stretch marks. one think you should try out is merderma, this is a scar remover but it's also known to reduce the mark.

Do you mean like some kind of scar?? There is a product called Mederma that is supposed to lessen the appearance of scars. Maybe that would help you. Good Luck!

cover up makeup

Kirsty B
try bio oil

&lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3
Try some Cocoa Butter. That usually helps

Use coca butter. I would recommend the one they use for stretch marks after pregnancy or weight loss. It has worked wonderfully for me! Good Luck!

It is an oil from sheep skin.

Any lotion or creme will work. If you are super dry, you can rub on a tiny amount of olive oil.

sodacreme x

As far as I know you just have to let it heal. Put neosporin on it or just lotion and wait a week or so. Keep it clean. If it looks like it's going to scar (which tends to happen to me no matter how small the injury) go ahead and put some shea or cocoa butter on it, or better yet vitamin E gel. Good luck!

Bio oil

Aloe straight from a plant &/or vitamin E from a capsule works best. But baby oil with E & Aloe is good too.

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