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Additional Details
its my friend and im pretty sure hes not about to kark it!...

can i use vaseline petroleum jelly on my face?is it safe?

OF COURSE!! I'm black and we live by the stuff lol! It is the ultimate anti-ashy weapon! :)

kelly e
I hate to bring the bad news to you but Petroleum Jelly is not a good product to use on anything on your body - especially your face which has a lot of pores.
It's pure petroleum and it actually hardens your skin instead of soothing it - (Same goes with Baby oil which is distilled petroleum)

Stick to more natural things Cocoa, Shea Butter or pure vitamin e.

yes and though it is a petroleum based product it is NON flammable.

check your skin type and apply according to

hi!!!! it not dangerous.... bt it looks a little oily.... it is good on lips.

Yes it is safe, just make sure not to use it around your eyes.

you can use vaseline anywhere on your body its not harmful its good for your skin, so it wont harm your face.
just make sure to not get any in your eyes
ive used it before on my nose when it was dry from sneezing too much and people use it on their lips as lip gloss or when theyre dry
hope i helped!

I can help you
Well its usally used on lips. But when you put it on your face it makes your skin greasy and after a while flakey. I suggest keep it to the lips it wont kill you but it itches when your skin gets flakey

sneha a
ya i can it will help ur skin from drying....

You can, but keep it away from your eyes, and use it very lightly around your nose and mouth. It might be better to apply a light amount, wait about 5 minutes, then wipe off, depending on what reason you're using it for.

Yes, its safe. Its one of the base ingredients in many lotions and creams.

It's quite safe. Don't use too much, though, or you'll block your pores.

Rub it between your hands to make it as thin as possible. Apply lightly.

it is entirely up to you. yes it is wearable on your face but i wouldnt reccomend as it blocks your skins natural pores and can cause you to have bad acne

Dr Sally
Its made from petrochemicals, i wouldn't put it anywhere. But then, i have worked in natural health for a long time and may be a little bit biased.

Instead, try using boroline cream; i've been using this. It protects the skin, during winter and has good fragrence, too.

Jenny J
you can but I wouldn't, petroleum jelly as its name suggests is a product from oil. purchase a better grade of moisturizer, your skin will thank you

Abhijit C
without any fear.

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