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 If impetigo is contagious, why is my daughter the only one with it?
My 6 month old has been struggling with severe eczema for about 3 or 4 months now. We got some medicated cream for her. It went away completely, came back with a vengeance, then went away again ...

 Is there any risk of a sickness If i dont put on skin lotion?

 HELP. deoxycycline pills for acne.. PLEASE help emergency.?
Ok so i took the pills to clear up my acne. I found the container on my shelf, with like 10 in them. It was from last april. it is now september and i took one. my question is, was that okay, or is ...

 How do you remove really small cactus spines?
I have very very tiny cactus spines in my skin and it is causing irritation. How do I get them out. (They are too small for tweezers)...

 inserting a nose ring for the first time?
ive just taken out a very tiny nose stud, coz having had my nose pierced 8 weeks ago. my skin is healing OVER the tiny stud each morning, and i have to use savlon to take off the new skin covering. ...

 How to get off the black heads in your face ?
i have lot's ok black heads in my face , speachilly in my nose i got billion's! lol hmm how can i get offf from them .

i used that thing put in the nose then take it off , but ...

 what is the best and easyest way to get rid of scars on my arms?
okay i have like 3 big gashes on my arms that left scars,,how is the best way to get rid of them??...

 I have these stretch marks on my arms and I need them gone have any ideas?

 how can i get rid of freckles that are on my face?
I have fair skin so i avoid the sun but i still have light freckles how do i get rid of them? it does'nt matter how much it cost!!!...

 Natural Ways tto get rid of a scar?
It's been on my face for maybe 4 months. How can I get it to go away without using chemicals?

Please don't say cocoa butter or vitamin e....

 what would u do to get rid of back acne?
for some reason i just started getting back acne and im not sure if i should put something on it or what? right now i just take a shower then put lotion on my back when i get out but i dont think ...

 I have a terrible rash on my face, it's scaring me, what is it?
I have this rash, and i've had it for the last couple months, but it just got really bad last night, and today it's so bad, i'm actually scared, but the doc's office is closed, ...

 What is the easiest way to get rid of blackheads other than the back of a bobby pin?
They make me feel so nasty but i know i wash my face two/three times a day!...

 uh oh. Do I have hives?
Itchy bumps are popping up ALL OVER me! They look and act just like mosquito bites. They swell up, itch, turn red, then stop itching and shrink down. But more and more keep popping up! Theres 3 on my ...

 Why do Cold Sores get bigger to more you touch them?

 When you have an itch do you itch it or scratch it?
What's the proper way of saying it?
Additional Details
BARRETT: Did you receive my e-mails regarding forms? Good answer, too!

Christopher K: Great answer as always!...

 After using hand sanitizer, don't the germs just go right back onto your hands?
what's the point? there's germs everywhere....

 Eczema Scarring?
I know a few people who have scars due to eczema. But my one friend has been bugging me and bugging me because she has it on her face. Sometimes she said she starts crying. Her lips, the area around ...

 what are bedsores?

 How Does A Tea Bag Work For This?
How does a tea bag work for a sebaceous cyst? I've been reading that they do but it doesn't say how to use it either. So how does a tea bag work and does it have to be wet to work?...

can i get rid of fire ant scars? how?

Additional Details
went hiking about two days ago. Came back with 68 stings.... so painful. kinda scratched my left leg. So, now it turned dark red and im praying it doesn't leave scars. The ones on my arm which i didn't scratch seem to be much lighter in colour and the swelling reduced.

Meck K
Well, you shouldn't pick at them. Try some Aloe Vera, Mederma, and maybe some Cocoa Butter.

there's something that old african witch doctors used to do, they would take the honey of bees, rub it over the scars, and then let the bees sting them.

The swelling made the scars go away, and the venom from the stinger actually nourishes your skin and body.

Try vitamin e oil. But mine went away on their own.

I got attacked by about 40 of those little buggers...the scars simply faded over time.

Josh S

i gave you a star because im also interested in the answers of this question. fire ants really got at my left foot and now i have some scars

fire ants ouch! I was picking blackberries one time and there was a fire ant on one of them that I didn't see. Dang that hurt my tongue!

you can't

Lamar's Alarm
yep, apply some Oil of Oregano tinture to the distressed spots, apply some Neat (undiluted) Essential Oil of Lavender, apply some Aloe Vera Gel.

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