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 can someone help me ?
for the last past 3 days my lips have been burning and everytime i lick em it burns more i thought it came from when i was out in the cold..but that would of went away by now.....

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How do you get rid of acne i look ugly :[[
and what medicine works the best i need help

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Additional Details
Now it's peeling ...

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Why does dandruff make your scalp itch and is it ok to scratch with your comb?

Dr SMiley
Dandruff doesn't make your scalp itch. That doesn't make sense. Dandruff is just your dead skin cells on your scalp. The itching is more likely the effect of psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis and causes you to itch, which makes you scratch the scalp to to make the dandruff fall off your scalp more.
Its ok if you want to scratch your scalp, but that could lead to infection of the aforementioned diseases flaring up. Scratching to the point of causing breaks in the skin can increase the risk for infections, particularly from staph and strep bacteria. Excessive scratching should be avoided.

Most cases of dandruff can be treated with specialized shampoos or common household remedies.

Also, dandruff is usually not caused by dry scalp, but more usually by overactive sebacious glands, which means people with oily hair could have a higher incidence of dandruff.

Agree with dr. smiley. Try using quality apple cider vinegar. Dab it on your scalp and leave over night. Then wash your hair in the morning with shampoo. I would continue to use the vinegar until the dandruff is not as bad. I would wash your hair everyday, but not with too much shampoo or conditioner. Go easy on that stuff. Try researching dandruff on the net and you'll find a ton of good information about it.

use head&shoulders dudeeeee

Dandruff doesn't make your scalp itch. Dandruff is a result of a dry scalp. Itching is a result of the same. Try a dandruff shampoo. It might help.

if you scratch with your comb, you will become bald soon. Treat the dandruff instead of living with it. Good antidandruff shampoos are available. Dandruff will lead to fast baldness. take care

try and leave it alone you'll only make yourself sore

Head and shoulders is definitely a great shampoo for dandruff, but you may also need a moisturizer for your scalp. If it doesn't clear up, see a dermatologist to find out what is best for you.

All scratching with a comb will do is make some of the dandruff fall out, but it won't solve your problem.

First, have someone check your head for lice. If that's not the problem, use Nizarol A&D shampoo. It sounds like seborreah and is easily treated with a good shampoo specifically for that, not regular dandruff shampoo.

Dandruff does not make your scalp itch. The dryness that makes dandruff a problem makes your scalp itch. Scratching can cause cuts in the scalp which at best will form scars and at worst will cause bleeding.

Use a shampoo that does not dry out your scalp or shampoo your hair less often. Avoid soap on your head.

There are some really good shampoos that can control that. Try T-Gel or T-Sal from (Nurtagina) sorry about the spelling. By the way, don't scratch with any thing. That can damage your scalp, causing more problems.

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