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 How could i stop sweating so much?
im 16 about 5'8" 145lbs. Pretty much every day mainly at school i tend to sweat a lot. I have only been sweating from my armpits though. Sometimes it happens when im not even hot. S...

 Can I use a lemon's juice to clear my acne on my face?
I heard from someone that you can use the juice from a lemon and pour it on your face,where the acne is at. I heard it gets rid of the dirt from the pores and cleans the skin. I don't know if ...

 So I have a "seasonal acne"?
I get mild acne from time to time...So I observed my face for the past 3 years and noticed that my acne gets worst during the month of September through mid or late November, while December through M...

 what is it called when you sweat on half your face?
since i was born i can only sweat on half my face, i am aware how i inherited it, but i want to know the name of it. I only sweat on half my face the other side doesn't, the wrest of my body ...

 best way to tan back? In sun daily?
i work at the pool, so Im outside in the water for 3 hours, 5 days a week. I want to get tan, like on my shoulders and back. Should I just use a low SPF sunscreen (20), or is there a easy, and faster ...

 How does licking your lips dry them out?
I know licking them dries them out (through action and consequence, unfortunately)

but how does your saliva dry out your ...

 What are the risks of using Henna Ink on your skin?
I want to buy some henna ink online but I want to know first if there are any risks when using henna. I've already had several henna tattoos but those where done professionally. thanks!...

 Anyone tried university medical ance treatment before?
Okay so this stuff in the full name is called University Medical Acne Free Oil Free Purifying Cleanser. I bought it and tried it for a little longer than a week and instead of my few average sized ...

 Ok so beds get bed bugs so what do water beds get ?
So we all know that spring beds and stuff get bedbugs so then what do water beds get?
I was thinking they get water moccasins....

 dents on my nails?
im 20 & i seem to be getting dents on my nails.
i had them on my index finger. like little holes or dents.(not ridges). i took no note but now my ring finger seems to be growing with the ...

 Can you give me any advice on fading stretch marks?
I'm 13 and i have stretch marks all over my legs! (mostly on the backs of my knees)
I only do P.E if i'm allowed to wear joggers (trackies), otherwise i take a note into school to get ...

 I have bad acne and it is messing up my life?
Im 18 year old male I dont want to live any more my acne and acne scars messed up my life I look in the mirror at home and I look ok and then I look in the mirror out side im ugly ive never hade a ...

 White puss when I squeeze my nose?
Everytime I squeeze my nose, white puss comes out of it. It looks like the puss that comes out when you squeeze pimples, but there are no pimples on my nose. i have pimples on other parts of my ...

 How to get rid of spots?
What is the most effective way at getting rid of spots on your face? I found on the internet toothpaste works?...

 What is the difference between an ulcer and a cyst?
Have been asked this by a friend and not sure what the answer is....

 acne fighting?
if you have ever used nature's cure 3 step system can u tell me if it has actually ...

 do you have to use raw honey to get rid of acne?
if so what types of shops can you buy it from in London
please don't tell me to use any commercial ...

 iv had a red itchy rash for 2months, is this aids?
for 2 months now iv had this rash,, I'll feel tingling & if I scratch it will turn bright red and itch even more and small bumps will apper, soon as I stop and wait a few mins it all gose ...

 i have a small soft bony structure on my left extreme side of the breast close to the armpit..what it could b?
it hurts when i touch it hard......

 how do you get rid of a bug bite quickly?
ok i got the worst bug bit this morning. and i have a photo shoot on sunday :o ...

Why do my hands get hot?
I'm 14 and I guess this has been happening for 1-2 years. My hands just seem to all of a sudden get really hot. They don't swell or get very red, but they even feel hot to others. It only happens about once a month on average probably. It's not like it's painful, but it is obvious, and I'm really curious about it. Also, sometimes my feet get really hot too, but I can't remember the last time this happened, and it's usually only if I've been sitting too long. =P Does anyone know the cause as to why my hands burn up? Thanks...=)
Additional Details
Well I don't see how sitting would make my hands get hot, haha =P

I can see maybe it relating to hormones, thats what my mom suggested too. But I'm pretty sure the last couple times it occured wasn't near my period. But I'll keep that in mind; thanks =)

My feet have gotten hot when I don't have shoes on, which is weird to me. I ALWAYS wear socks though, could that be a problem? I even sleep in them... Sometimes I swim in socks. O.o

Sweet Tea
If you've been sitting for extended periods of time, it may just be that the blood is rushing to those areas. Nothing to worry about.

Otherwise, it may be that you're nervous. If not, ignore this suggestion.

Hormones could cause it, as well. You mentioned that it happens about once per month. Does it happen at regular intervals? It could be related to your menstrual cycle.

Your feet probably get hot because they're in shoes! Imagine if you were cramped up in little shoes all day... You'd probably be hot, too. If they're hot, don't worry. It's totally normal.

If it worries you, I'd talk to a doctor. He'd know best.

Hope this helps.

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